Why Westernisation through Modernity is Failing

One of the biggest mysteries that plagues the world of neoconservatism is the question of why the end of history – that final triumph of liberal democracy and consumer capitalism –  hasn’t occurred yet. All around the world in many different cultures and nations there is a strenuous reaction against these very things.  Indeed, even in the western core – Western Europe and the Anglosphere – there is increasing skepticism about these tenets of the Enlightenment.

The question which the neoconservatives ask is, “Why do they hate us?”  This question increasingly applies to pretty much everybody all over the world, but most especially to the Muslim world. Instead of seeing Fukuyama’s end of history, we’re seeing Samuel Huntington’s clash of civilisations. It seems to many of the neocons that the Muslim world is simply being obstinately ungrateful in refusing to recognize the blessings of democracy, secularism, and hedonism being imposed upon them by the force of Western military might.

Now, far be it from me to defend Islam itself or to defend the terroristic tactics which Muslims use. Certainly, I find Islam to be a false religion and Muslims to be primitive barbarians for the most part. However, my attitude toward them tends to be one of desiring to neither invade them nor invite them. I’m perfectly happy to let them do what they want in their own lands and to run their own countries as they see fit, so long as their barbarism is not imported into our Western countries.As a result, I can’t agree with the neoconservative efforts to impose Western values on the Muslim world.  We should observe that these values have to be imposed because Muslims don’t seem to be very disposed to adopt them volitionally.

Honestly, I can’t say that I blame them.  Perhaps the reason why Islam seems so ungrateful toward these neocon efforts is because what the neocons are trying to impose on them isn’t really worth receiving. Indeed, the aspects of Western civilization which the neoconservatives are trying to force on to the rest of the world – democracy, secularism, crass materialism, hedonism – are really a bag of garbage tied shut with a golden bow.

Let’s face it – the neocon effort to westernise other cultures is a mess. What is being exported around the world includes the worst aspects of Western, and especially American, culture. Concomitant with universalistic, lowest common denominator democracy is a trashy, lowest common denominator type of culture. The neocons thought they could turn Pakistan into Sixpackistan through a combination of bombs and Baywatch, yet it just isn’t working.

Traditional and historic Western civilisation is wonderful, robust, and eminently worthy.  Unfortunately, that’s not the West that is being exported.  Instead, we see “modern” Western civilisation, a godless, materialistic, consumer-driven monstrosity, an atomised, anti-natural morass of propositions and ideology replacing natural, organic community.  Frankly, if our own ancestors from 300, 400, 500 years ago could see what their civilisation had become, they’d hate us too.

The underlying assumption of the “superiority” of modernism lies in the belief that all the things that we can tangibly “feel” as superior about the West – the science, technology, modern medicine, etc. – are inextricably tied to the liberal and secular values of the so-called Enlightenment.  Together, these intertwined avatars of goodness and light contribute to the mythohistorical entity called “progress.”  The myth of progress and modernity is a philosophical worldview built around several unexamined and downright incorrect assumption which clash with truth and reality, such as the goodness and perfectibility of man and the tying together of material improvements with liberal philosophical enlightenment.

Yet, none of these assumptions really hold true in the light of historical and logical inquiry.  Liberal democracy and secular materialism are increasingly being exposed as failures.  Modern “enlightened” Western society is proving incapable of finding the will or courage to defend itself from the Islamic barbarians which the neocons think to mold in our own image.  Even in the West, an increasing number of people are seeing the failures of liberal democracy and the whole network of assumptions built around it that arose from the “Enlightenment.”  This being the case, it should be no surprise that the efforts to bomb people into constitutionalism and democracy aren’t working.

Culture is enduring.  Cultures may evolve and change over time, but this usually originates from within the culture as its own forces and mechanisms operate to evolve naturally.  Cultural change imposed from outside almost never works.  Forcing yourself onto traditional Islamic culture and presuming to force them to send their women to school to be doctors or to force them to give everyone freedom of speech or religion is nothing but a fool’s errand.

Hence, it’s no surprise that the Muslim world (or Russia, or China, or…) isn’t buying what the West’s false prophets of modernism are selling.  The culture we’re trying to influence them toward is a perversion, both intrinsically (because of its hedonism and fantastical materialist premises) and historically.  The Enlightenment was an error that dragged the West away from a reasonable and balanced outlook on society, science, religion, morals, and community and set us on the path toward a dehumanising and isolated form of modernism that essentially destroyed the underpinnings of our society, the things that made the West authentically the West.  It is this inauthentic and artificial type of society – the destroyer of community and social bonds and traditions and authentic life – that our neoconservatives and other globalists are trying to spread.  It is no wonder that the Muslims and others the world over are rejecting it.  Were I in their shoes, I would do the same.


7 thoughts on “Why Westernisation through Modernity is Failing

  1. I agree with these thoughts. It’s strange, I came to much the same conclusion over a year ago now but I had no idea of Neoreaction. I came to the conclusion from understanding Islam, seeing what we call the progressive leftist ratchet and understanding Huntinton’s frame. I understood that the neocon, progressive vision was the other side of the conflict, and I became sickened with both.

    Nevethless, I do wonder what is really going in terms of grand strategy. If we exclude ignorance and incompetence what is the real goal of the progressives via Islam?

    If we start with three assumptions what conclusions can we draw?

    Assumption 1: Rulers wish to maintain their power, especially from the ruled within their own society.
    Assumption 2: All warfare is based on deception. The neocon/progressives cannot openly declared total war against Islam and pursue a war of annihilation; so they adopt a war of attrition.
    Assumption 3: Immigration, terrorism, and external threats allow rulers to increase their control over society, and especially to suppress and defeat their own internal enemies and threats.

    Thus, their policy is “use the barbarians to control the barbarians.”

    Is this true? What strengths and weaknesses does this policy have? What other alternative strategy could be adopted?

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  2. I think this sounds pretty accurate. I’ve maintained for years that the “Red-Green Alliance” is built around the idea that both the Muslims and the Progs have that they can “play” the other, using them as temporary allies of convenience until no longer needed, at which point they’ll turn on their erstwhile ally. Both sides, in the meantime, get the benefit of suppressing their most dangerous enemies (i.e. us).

    If the majority of white Westerners ever awoke from their slumber, it’d all be over in a few short months.


    1. It is not the majority, it is the elites.

      Let me put a question for consideration.

      Let’s suppose you are a progressive, and you fully understand the threats (and opportunities) that Islam presents, what strategy would you adopt?

      How do progressives deal with Islam long term?

      Secondly, what do you think the alternatives are?

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      1. Hi DR,

        If I were a progressive, I’d assume (because my worldview is utterly irrational and devoid of logic) that Muslims could be “tamed” and turned into good progressive citizens. I’d expect that Muslims would honour the quid pro quo currently going on – we’ll march with you and wear trash bags on our heads and all that, and you help us to defeat the white Christian patriarchy – and that after whitey is dead and gone, they’ll go along with my progressive utopia of universal transgaygenderqueerfurrybestialitychildsex rights because it is good and right and utterly appealing to all right thinking people (well, okay, the last two probably DO appeal to Muslims).

        But this would, of course, be because my ideology is totally divorced from reality and doesn’t take human nature into account. Then I’d be dead because the Muslims have all the guns while I have a pink vagina hat.

        Progressives really ARE that dumb. What’s their game? It’s pretty much the above. They’re not playing ten-dimensional chess and moving the pieces with their minds. They’re playing a very dangerous game of Candyland and will eventually get their heads cut off by Lord Licorice.

        What are the alternatives? Really, the only alternative is victory. That’s it. There can be no accommodation with either progs or with Muslims. Muslim tradition and theology endorses temporary truces on so that Muslims can regain and gather force for further warfare (hudna), and they will only appear to desire peace because they are lying about it (taqiyya, kitman). Progs, driven as they are by their utterly fanatical faith in “the end of history” in which Marxists (both economic and cultural) are the inevitable winners, will also single-mindedly pursue their goals with only temporary truces to regather strength.

        Neither of these enemies can be reasoned with or compromised with. If we don’t decisively destroy them, they’ll kill us. It’s be a lot easier for us to win if we weren’t hobbled by democracy and all its attendant bad ideas derived from the “Enlightenment.”


  3. The bourgeoisie’s experiment has run its course after 300 years. Liberalism and Marxism, the experiment’s two iterations, the twin debacles of individualism and collectivism, are spent. A narrow course leads between them to a future safe for the superior among us. The nearest picture we can form of this future at present is the church and aristocracy before their subordination to the market and democracy. Jews were the secret but principal agents of this subordination. Blacks limped behind, when through no agency of their own they were transmuted from property to their betters’s political and economic competition. And what property they were — the nation’s single largest asset class! Now Islam, the natural religion of that herd, begins to lead them by the nose again, to direct them against our citadels even before they’re rebuilt. —

    Tell me, does that about nail it? Have I spoken your heart’s secret? Do I understand you? Good. Now YOU speak it, even more clearly and directly. Correct me where I’ve gone wrong, missed a jab, failed to appreciate the vision’s glory. I’ll even help you, if I’m able. For example, the time is at hand to rehabilitate Il Duce’s reputation — do it! Poor Hitler will still have to wait, I think, but eventually even his defeat will be heroic rather than ignominious — heroic, I mean, not only for reprobate convicts, Aryan Nation groundhogs who can hardly tell a shiv from sceptrum eburneum, but for a highflown type like yourself. And yet — your half-understood half-ideas hardly seem to bring the great day nearer. They bring turmoil, disorder, confusion — but glory? What could possibly explain this? Whoever you halfwits are, you’re certainly serving one useful function: waking up YOUR betters. The civil war you’re calling down will go badly for you.

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