The Emergence of the Transnational Empire

The other day on Twitter, I saw this tweet below that took place during an exchange between a couple of my mutuals,

Ever since, I’ve had it in the back of my mind. I think the reason that I’ve not been able to stop thinking about this tweet is because of how clarifying it is. The sentiment expressed in that tweet helps to bring together several threads of thought that I’ve had and have written about previously.

The tweet above concisely describes the difference between “America and Americans” on the one hand and the entity variously known as globohomo, the Regime, The Powers That Be, and so forth on the other. I feel that it is important to make this distinction because of the great opprobrium that this Regime has brought upon the name of “American” all over the world for the past several decades, creating a reputation for underhandedness, bullying, and maliciousness the world over, from friend and foe alike. Whether or not the Regime actually blew up the Nordstream 1 and 2 pipelines a few days ago, a huge chunk of the world – as well as a good chunk of the American people themselves – believe it to be true because it is entirely in charactre with the way it has behaved for decades.

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I’m Not Willing to Live with Lefties

One of the topics I write about fairly consistently is ethnicity (in the true sense of the term), ethnogenesis, and the impact these have on Western societies. Especially in the American case, ethnogenesis has been an ongoing process that has helped to differentiate Americans from their European forebearers. Indeed, as I’ve pointed out elsewhere, ethnogenesis has actually created two White ethnies occupying the territory of the United States, ethnies which are mutually and increasingly antagonistic. In this post, I’d like to go beyond merely reiterating the existence of that ethnogenesis and discuss some of the consequences of it.

One of the truisms of life that you can take to the bank is that diversity plus proximity equals trouble. This is true whether you personally like it or not. This applies to racial diversity, this applies to linguistic diversity, this applies (as it does here) to ethnic diversity. This division is, in fact, exactly what God intended when He split mankind up at Babel. Even if you don’t accept the Bible as authoritative, there are still several thousand years of human history that attests to the truth that things work best when there’s a place for everyone and everyone stays in their place.

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The Coming Secular Collapse Will Be Global

Regular readers know that I’ve talked about collapse (as well as the implied regeneration that follows it) on here a lot. In nearly all cases, though, I’ve discussed it within a specifically American context – the collapse of the present American system and the potential for one or more post-American successor states arising in place of the present globohomo order. However, we should recognise that collapse is a general phenomenon that affects any and all large nations eventually. Just as America is not a special snowflake who is exempt from the laws of demographic-structural theory, so also is she not the only one subject to them.

Further in this vein, we should recognise that no major nation is isolated from its neighbours. No matter how self-sufficient, sooner or later everybody gets hooked up into trade networks. As trade networks expand, you develop world systems that display increased international interconnectedness and interdependency. From a demographic-structural perspective, the interconnectedness of these global systems acts to “synch up” the secular cycles of the nations involved as “information flows” increase. The upside to this is that when one part of the system prospers, everyone does. The downside, of course, is that when one part collapses, everyone does as well.

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The Regime’s Crisis of Legitimacy

Over the past couple of weeks, it seems that the Regime has really been ramping up its rhetoric against its political and ideological enemies. In a coordinated rollout, talking heads across the media have been stating that “MAGA Trump voters” are “threats to democracy,” “trying to take away our freedoms,” “stochastic terrorists,” and so forth. This all has been timed to culminate with the pResident himself going on national television to explicitly state that the entire half of the country that didn’t vote for him are mortal enemies of the state. This takes on a somewhat more ominous tone when we remember that just a few days previous, this same pResident essentially threatened to use F-15s to bomb patriotic Americans who believe in the Constitution.

While these could be dismissed as the senile ramblings of a doddering old dementia patient, the thing to keep in mind is that Biden himself is merely a sock puppet. What he says reflects the words put into his mouth by the progressive theatre kids who staff his administration, as well as other elements within the Regime. Indeed, all of the huffinpuffery about how “your hillbilly AR-15 can’t take on tanks and fighter jets hurr durr!!” is basically the sort of thing you’d have heard on Reddit for years. But the fact that official channels are now openly talking about using the military against their own people for mere ideological purposes suggests that there is an acceleration going on in the Left’s subversion of this country.

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Liz Cheney as Humiliation Ritual

The biggest news in domestic American politics in the past week was the absolutely shattering upset of Liz Cheney by Trump-backed challenger Harriet Hageman in Wyoming’s Republican primary for its at-large House seat. I mean, she got smashed worse than a wine aunt who just lost a national championship cat show. In a race that should have been hers for the taking, she was instead defeated by 37 points in one of the worst primary losses suffered by a sitting politician in recent history. If I sound like I’m vicariously gloating, it’s because I am.

Yet, if you were to listen to what the world of Never Trump is saying, you’d think that rather than an ignoble defeat caused by poor political decision-making, Cheney’s self-immolation was a glorious act of martyrdom for the cause of our sacred norms. Seriously, their cope for her loss is that she was too brave and too principled to do anything as tawdry as give the actual voters what they want. Cheney and the rest of Never Trump have seemed kind of bitter, like they’re angry at the voters for not getting with the program. At the same time, the current buzz involves Never Trump trying to gin up enthusiasm for a Cheney 2024 presidential run.

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What Kind of Governing System Would I Prefer?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the scaling problem with democracy, which was essentially that once you get above a certain (relatively small) polity size, democracy quickly becomes functionally unworkable and prone to being “hacked” by bad actors. In the comments, one reader asked me to detail what kind of a system I would prefer (since democracy obviously isn’t it!). Because I’m always on the lookout for material to write about, I thought this was a grand idea and resolved to write about it after clearing out my docket. So I’m going to endeavour to answer this question in the paragraphs below.

Before I dive right in, I’m first going to discuss some fundamental bases that inform my understanding of what a government “should” do and be. Then, I’ll get to answering the question in two different ways – what my “ideal” preference would be and then what I (more realistically) think could or would actually be feasible in some kind of a scenario where America, or a significant chunk of it, got a new government. I like to think that I’ve got enough common sense to know that the two probably don’t have a great deal of overlap, unfortunately.

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Collapse is Going to Happen, Like It or Not

Regular readers know by now that I am a big fan of the demographic-structural theory (DST) proposed by cliodynamicist historians such as Jack Goldstone and Peter Turchin. The reason I find it so interesting is because of how intellectually satisfying it is. Most theories of history are linear and progressive, and their proponents often struggle to force a progressive narrative onto otherwise cyclical and chaotic series of historical events. Demographic-structural theory, through its explicitly cyclical approach to understanding the rise and fall of empires, not only makes more sense intellectually, but also has the added advantage of having a great deal of explanatory power. The theory closely fits what we actually observe from the empirical evidences we have available and can then be successfully applied to analyses of the histories of other polities as well.

In addition to explanatory power, DST also has predictive power as well. While DST is not deterministic in an absolute sense, it’s quite apparent from the observable cycles of history that pretty much all large states, regardless of cultural, economic, or political vagaries, follow the same general set of paths around very similar strange attractors. Because of that, when you see a large state (such as ours) exhibit certain political, demographic, and social behaviours, you can predict where things are going to go from where they are currently at. While specific incidental and extrinsic events within a cycle may not be predictable, general trends most certainly are.

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Ideology and Time Preference

Among intellectual trends, things like group IQ, the genetic component to IQ, and allied topics are one of those areas that is grossly out of fashion right now. Progressives, building upon centuries of blank slatist error, are enforcing the creed of perfect interchangeability among various people groups, a dogma that is necessary to buttress their argument that disparate outcomes between different groups are solely due to “White racism” and “systematic bias.” Yet, the fact that different people-groups possess different traits and characteristics, including differences in group averaged intelligence, is one that many people intuitively grasp. The continued popularity (as I can see from the backend views and other statistics) of two articles relating to this subject that I wrote nearly six years ago demonstrates this. The official suppression of this area of inquiry is a shame because it has great explanatory power for all kinds of issues ranging from crime rates to socioeconomic performance and beyond. Really, if you don’t understand or accept group differences in IQ, then you won’t ever really be able to grasp many things we see from the social sciences.

Once such thing that I’d like to talk about today is ideological breakdown amongst our population and how this impacts why broad ideological groups in our society act the way they do. But to reference this difference, I want to focus on an important second-order effect of intelligence, this being time preference. For those who may not be familiar with the concept, time preference describes an individual’s willingness (or lack thereof) to forgo immediate pleasure or profit in lieu of pursuing goals or activities which provide greater reward later on. High time preference is when a person wants it now, low time preference is the opposite.

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The Scaling Problem in Democracy

In today’s post, I’ll be explaining why it is that we don’t really have an American republic anymore and why we won’t be getting one back anytime soon. To do this, however, we’ll need to address the question of democracy, which as Hans-Hermann Hoppe noted is the god that failed. He calls it this because many in our modern world treat “democracy” as an idol which cannot be questioned, even as it consistently malfunctions and makes the modern world worse and worse. Now, I’m sure many normie conservatives are right now rolling out that trite old standby “We’re a republic not a democracy!” But…we’re really not, or at least not anymore. Indeed, we haven’t really been one since even before the Civil War, as there were already growing trends toward the vast broadening of the suffrage (beginning with universal manhood suffrage) as early as the 1830s in some states.

The problem is that in a liberal republican form of government (which is what our Founders bequeathed, as opposed to the more reasonable form of aristocratic republic that was seen in ancient and medieval times), there is always going to be a drive towards greater and greater extension of mass participation. As such, the devolution of this type a republic into a democracy (which is really just an oligarchy that uses mass participation as a legitimising structure for elite goals), is almost inevitable via mechanisms I will describe below. Through its use of democratic features such as elections and public opinion, liberal republicanism will fairly quickly be subverted and turned into a vehicle for oligarchic manipulation, even when a particular system (such as the American one) attempts to use written constitutions and law as a brake on such tendencies. This is pretty much the uniform testimony of post-Enlightenment republican across the western world.

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Right Wing Self-Organisation

One of the common complaints that you often hear from people on the dissident Right is that “the right wing has no organisation!” To a great extent this is true, at least on a local and demotic level. The organisation that does – at least overtly – seem to exist is found at the establishment, official, and federal level, yet rarely “organises” anything meaningful for the genuine Right. So this organisation, for the average Joe trying to simply live his life without constant harassment from the woke Left, is ephemeral and has little positive impact on his situation. There’s a great deal of functional difference between a coopted political party organising fundraisers and getting out the vote for establishment candidates and genuine organising that gets John Q. Chudlic involved in a way that can affect the actual course of events.

Yet, these same blackpillers who decry the lack of right wing organisation will often turn around and criticise when right wingers do try to organise at the local level. After all, the government doesn’t like it when people organise. You may draw some scrutiny. The FBI might put you on a list (as if anyone worth their salt isn’t on a few already). They definitely don’t like people forming militias (or neighbourhood watch programs or whatever else you want to call them). You might get INFILTRATED! And even if these aren’t the specific concerns, you still have the folks who counsel not to even bother. The Left has such total control over all the institutions that any right wing organising will be nipped in the bud, so why even try? If you’re gonna do anything, you better try to do it through official channels, political parties and established politicians and the like.

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