Culture and People are Inseparable

Like love and marriage, and a horse and carriage, culture and people are inseparable.  You can’t have one without the other.  A group of people joined in community for generations will develop cultural values – everything from ways to prepare food to the deepest beliefs about religion and spirituality – that are the shared experience of those people and which set them apart from outsiders.  In turn, these values will reinforce the sense of community among the group and will serve to perpetuate the group, not just culturally, but genetically and geographically as well.

For all of human history, this has been the case.  There is no one – aside from a very people perhaps raised by wolves – who has not partaken in the shared experience of one culture or another.   These cultural bonds are some of the most powerful uniting forces known to man, and serve to divide man into his various nations – ethne.  Nationalism – the belief in the preservation of these nations as distinct and organic culture, social, and moral units – is the natural position.  If you want to speak of “natural law,” then one is forced to accept that part of natural law involves this division of man into various nations (not to be confused with political entities, which may often be unnaturally multinational).  Further, if one accepts that natural law is the extension of God’s laws, then one is forced to accept – per the events of Genesis 11, as well as some other statements made in Scripture – that God has ordained the separation of mankind into the various nations for His own purposes.

Conversely, those forces which are working against nationalism – globalism, internationalism, cuckservatism – are unnatural.  They represent the effort at overturning the natural order of things.

Nevertheless, this effort is one that is ultimately doomed to failure.  To achieve genuine globalism and internationalism – to see the subsumption of cultures into a worldwide monocultural “melting pot” – will require the application of a huge amount of energy to overcome the natural “energy barriers” against it.  Globalism would only truly be possible under a totalitarianism that could suppress every nationalist impulse.  Left to ourselves, mankind will take the lower energy pathway, that of maintaining our cultural divisions which God and nature impose upon us.

One predominating feature that helps to define culture is that of language.  Despite efforts by modern sociologists to deny the connexion between language on the one hand and culture on the other, it’s blatantly obvious that the two are closely interrelated.  Certainly, people with a shared culture will also share a common language in the vast, vast number of cases.  But even more that this correlation, we should understand that language – which we now know imprints onto the brains of young children, which is why they learn their native languages heuristically, rather than through rote memorisation as do those who learn a second language after puberty – actually affects the way we think and process information.  When it seems that people who speak other languages think differently from ourselves, it’s because they actually do.  Language affects and directs our thinking much more even than does education or political ideology.

Culture is extremely tenacious.  Even when conscious efforts are made, such as by an imperialistic invader, to suppress and alter the culture of a population, these efforts are in many cases doomed to failure.  Castilian Spain has spent centuries trying to suppress the Catalans and the Basques, yet both of those cultures are still alive, kicking, and wanting their independence.  The English failed to turn the Irish from being Irish.  Even in America, our black population still demonstrates many traits carried over from the African cultures from which their ancestors were taken, such as the matriarchal domination of the home and the gender attitudes towards work that are still often seen.  This is so, even though the blacks who were taken as slaves centuries ago were taken from different tribes and more or less completely isolated from their native cultures.

Typically, to eradicate a culture requires the eradication of the people holding it.

For these reasons, the efforts by globalists, including America’s own cuckservatives, at importing new peoples into North America and Europe to try to replace the current expensive-to-pay and annoyingly-traditionalist populations are causing so much havoc.  As I’ve grown fond of reminding people, there is no such thing as “magic soil.”  Simply importing people into a new physical geography will not alter their mental geography.  Large numbers of Muslims are not simply going to become Europeans because you want them to, nor are large numbers of Latin Americans going to seamlessly fit into an Anglo-American society.  Those who believe that we can throw the gates open to massive numbers of culturally alien immigrants and still remain what we are now are simply ignorant of how the world works.  As I’ve pointed out, those cuckservatives who yap about “constitutional conservatism” while simultaneously begging for more cheap labour from all over the world are asking for things which cannot co-exist.

As has been pointed out before, when you have large numbers of foreigners – especially those who are hostile to the concept of assimilation – you cannot really refer to it as “immigration.”  The correct term is “invasion.”

That’s what we see in Europe right now.  The millions of Muslim “refugees” are not “guests,” they are invaders.  They themselves are honest about it, what with their calls for shari’a law and their boasting about turning Europe into a caliphate within 30 years.  It’s starting to look like they may succeed.

The same thing applies to the tens of millions of Hispanic invaders who are currently in America.  Many of these folks are quite open about the fact that their goal is the reconquista of the American southwest.  That’s why they have no intention of assimilating.  That’s why they can live in the USA for decades and still not have even a basic knowledge of the English language.  That’s why they are here in the USA waving Mexican flags while protesting the one presidential candidate who seems serious about sending them home.  This kid (below), frankly, has more of a clue about what’s really going on than all the cuckservative talking heads at National Review and American Thinker combined.

Juanito is more clued in than George Will ever will be.

This is why any serious American policy towards immigration must involve three things: repatriation of the large majority who are not making efforts to assimilate, the requirement to learn the English language, and the cultural deracination of those who are allowed to participate in our society.  Pat Buchanan was absolutely right decades ago when he emphasised culture as an important factor in the immigration discussion, in addition to jobs, crime, etc. (which are also, of course, important considerations).  Many Americans shy away from talking about culture and the need for the USA to maintain its own because they have imbibed too much of the multicultural “all cultures are equally valid” drivel.  But they’re not all equally valid, and I think we can rightly say that American and European cultures are superior to the Latin American and Muslim cultures that are being imposed upon us by our “elites.”  However, if we are betrayed by our globalist “leaders” with their unnatural, unworkable ideas of “unity from diversity,” all we will really see is a good deal of bloodshed and destruction in Europe and America as reality reasserts itself.

Culture and people are inseparable, and when you move large bodies of people around – as the Western Roman Empire found to its dismay – they tend not to assimilate, but rather to displace and drive out the previous population.  The Goths and Vandals and Franks did not become Romans – they displaced and/or enslaved the Roman populations and imposed a new cultural order in place of what was there before.  And we should note, they did so as “immigrants” invited in by the Western emperors as settlers and mercenaries.  Most of the Germanic groups didn’t settle on formerly Roman land because they were able to break through the Rhenish frontier and take these lands – in many cases, the Roman government took the land from its own people and gave it to German tribesmen, who then took the ball and ran with it.

If we don’t get serious about preserving the North America and European nations as a unique cultures and peoples in their own right, we will see them lost, and with it the destruction of Western civilisation, an incomparable loss to the good of humankind for all time.


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  1. Mankind is the older word whilst “humankind” is new. Preferably we should avoid using enemy wording and hence their ideas as truth.


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