Anatomy of a Psyop

By now, everybody on our side of the aisle knows – or at least ought to know – that pretty much everything you see at “official” informational levels is fake. And keep in mind that by “official,” I don’t just mean governmental sources but also the type of public-private collusion that we’ve all known takes place, at an instinctual level, but is now being revealed as undeniable fact. This fact is the essential basis of Moldbug and neoreaction’s terminology about “the Cathedral,” which specifically refers to the use of directionally channeled information gathering and distribution by various “soft power” institutions such as the media and NGOs with the aim of enforcing “right doctrine” against which there should be no dissent. This is the essential purpose of the across-the-board narrative building that takes place routinely at all levels in the USA and other western nations (especially) whose purpose is often to mask reality, rather than explicating it.

I trust that most readers are familiar with the concept of a “psyop,” a psychological operation designed to sway its targets in certain desired directions. Many of the mechanics of psyops were pioneered by the CIA and other intelligence agencies during the Cold War but have now been turned against civilian populations in the USA and elsewhere in an effort by the Regime to maintain control and minimise opposition to its various agendas. However, I’d like to make the point that psyops qualitatively differ from standard, run-of-the-mill propaganda such as governments have used for millennia.

The difference is primarily that of the time preferences involved. Whether it’s designed to whip up a population against an enemy or to try to obfuscate the truth about some particular event that has occurred, propaganda tends to operate on a shorter timescale and with more limited and simple policy goals in mind. It’s not surprising that modern propaganda techniques share a lot in common with commercial advertising designed to induce an “impulse buy” response in potential customers. Propaganda generally operates the same way – create a monodirectional response to a particular stimulus.

Psyops, on the other hand, are quite a bit more complex and generally involve the building of a narrative memeplex over the course of months, years, or even decades. Psyops are, of course, also fake but theirs is a fakeness that builds upon constant, repetitious narrative-building that lays out a foundational lens through which any individual incident or act can be systematically interpreted, adding them to the overall saga being told.

With conventional propaganda, the aim is to communicate Regime diktat to the average citizen. However, it does not necessarily expect the recipients to believe the propaganda, but merely comply with the goals. The Powers That Be in such cases don’t care why Havel’s greengrocer puts the sign up in his window, but merely that he does so. The primary purpose of psyops, on the other hand, is to ensure compliance by convincing the target to self-comply, rather than it having to be done by outside force or persuasion. It’s always touch and go when you’re making someone outwardly comply but inwardly they’re dissident. When the mark can be convinced to willingly self-police, this makes the government’s job easier since they don’t have to worry about this closet dissidence. The true believer is the best believer.

In essence, propaganda aims for immediate reactive persuasion while psyops seek long-term groundlaying that gives more all-inclusive means of maintaining overarching narrative control.

Now, a lot of people out there like to think they’re immune to psyops because “hurr durr I don’t beleeb da media!!” But they’re not. Indeed, a lot of these boomercon types are just as susceptible to psyops as anyone else when the right buttons are pushed. This is because they’ve been primed for it by the systematic, society-wide preparation of the psychological battle space without their ever realising it. In many cases, the foundations for a psyop are so culturally systematic that people don’t even realise what is happening.

For example, there are a ton of people out there who would pride themselves on being independent thinkers who nevertheless believed everything that was peddled during the covid and vaccine psyops. The reason for this is because they want to think of themselves as smart, knowledgeable about science, etc. Smart People believe the Right Things, after all. That, in turn, is the result of decades of psyops that have ensconced “science” as the arbiter of morality and truth in post-Christian America. So even when the science is fake or wrong, it is still accorded a moral authority that it does not deserve.

Millions of people in this country believe the psyops surrounding Ukraine because they’ve been primed for decades to see “the Roooshians” as the mortal enemy of America. This is despite the facts that (technically) America is not even involved in the current war and that “the Roooshians” are no longer the communists that boomercons still remember from the Cold War. Indeed, Russia is a lot further to the Right than we are, which is why globohomo hates them so much. So while one can certainly question the decision by Russia to invade Ukraine, it’s not as if America’s previous involvement in the area (overthrowing an elected Ukrainian government in 2014, tacitly supporting the Ukrainians as they shelled civilians in the Donbass, etc.) has really been any better. The best thing we could do is stay out of something that is not our business – but the psyop demands that we involve ourselves because we’ve been globohomo’s world policemen for decades.

Most Americans naively believe that “democracy” is holy and sacrosanct because they’ve been taught decades worth of American post-WWII globohomo foundational mythology. This renders them unable to see that “democracy” really amounts to a small cabal conning and dunning the masses into giving the cabal what it wants. Functionally, democracy amounts to little more than a legitimising process for Regime policymaking. What the people actually want rarely, if ever, factors into the equation.

Related to the above, most people believe egalitarian platitudes that deny that there are any substantive differences between different population groups. Yet, there are very real genetic differences that exist between (mostly) discrete ethnic and racial groups – and among other things this is impacting the future of American civilisational competency. Despite the best efforts of critical race theorists to mask the real reason, it cannot honestly be denied that certain ethnic groups are more prone to crime than others. From an historical perspective, republican forms of government in the Middle Ages were only really successfully maintained by high IQ populations that could exercise low time preference and the ability to plan ahead rationally, something that also makes the continuation of popular, representative government in the USA increasingly unlikely in the long term. Yet, many people are simply unable to even consider, much less honestly accept, any of this because of decades of post-civil rights movement brainwashing.

In current news, we’ve been seeing a psyop in action with regards to the Paul Pelosi assault. This obviously scandalous and sketchy story most likely involves a gay tryst between Pelosi and nudist hippie illegal alien David Depape that somehow or another went wrong, though there are other…more esoteric…suggestions that have been made. Yet, the MSM and other lefties are (somehow) trying to spin this into a “MAGA Q-Anon assault on an important Democratic statesman!!!” in a transparent attempt to gin up an October surprise to try and rescue the Democrats’ failing prospects for the current election.

Classic profile of a Trump MAGA voter

Now you might ask yourself whether they really think such an obviously stupid argument would work. The answer would be “Yes.” In fact, there will be millions of people out there who completely buy it because the Left has been laying the groundwork for the “right wingers/white nationalists/radical Republicans are committing all the stochastic terrorisms!!” psyop for years now, all the while studiously ignoring actual violent attacks and threats against Supreme Court justices, sitting Republican congressmen, and congressional baseball teams. What the lefties are doing is trying to pound the round peg of this story into the square hole of the narrative they’ve already crafted for years.

So what might cause a psyop to fail? Generally, this would involve setting two or more Regime narratives against each other (after all, no amount of information control/sanitisation is going to be perfect). An excellent recent example of this was the aborted attempt to create a biomedical scare using monkeypox similar to what was done with covid-19, presumably with the intention of using it to (re)institute and expand social and economic controls that were set in place during the covid plandemic.

First, the groundwork was laid for a couple of months in advance using ominous warnings appearing in broadcast media, acculturating viewers to the existence of this “new” disease that was being spoken of as an existential threat looming on the horizon. Then, monkeypox was psychologically associated with covid-19, linking monkeypox as potential pandemic material that would result in the same sort of worldwide catastrophe created by covid-19. After this, news and social media concern trolling was ramped up about the potential dangers of monkeypox being able to rapidly spread throughout the population in the same way that a respiratory virus like covid-19 could. All of this was fit into the preexisting framework of previous “pandemic reporting” that had already been perfected over the past three years. The framework was even being built for the introduction of a vaccine to combat monkeypox as a remediation of this impending pandemic.

But then word began to get out and around that monkeypox is a disease that basically only affects gays and other “alternative lifestyles” and hence isn’t a threat to the vast majority of the population. The media attempted to combat this as “misinformation,” but it was too late. The truth managed to circumvent the information blockade. And then word got out that some kids and few dogs had gotten monkeypox, and people started to ask some uncomfortable questions about how this had happened with a sexually transmitted gay disease. This ended up substantiating a lot of stereotypes about one of the cardinal groups in the Left’s intersectionality alliance and making them look really bad. After this, top level decision-makers in The Powers That Be apparently judged that a monkeypox-driven rerun of the covid plandemic was not worth the scrutiny being drawn to one of the Left’s core constituencies. The whole thing was scrapped and now you never hear a word about monkeypox from any official sources.

So this is basically how the sausage is made. At the point where we are, it seems like the only way to permanently detox our information culture would be for a severe collapse and subsequent…hollowing out…of our current culturo-media apparatus to take place. However, on a personal level /ourguys/ can get more adept at recognising not just individual deceptions emanating from the Left’s info-apparatus, but the overarching narrative constructs that drive the interpretation of all of these little individual happenings that, when put together, create the framework that “justifies” the Left’s behaviour. In doing so, our side would become proactive in the culture wars instead of merely reactive, and may even be able to break the cognitive hold that the Regime has on many of our friends and neighbours.

The Emergence of the Transnational Empire

The other day on Twitter, I saw this tweet below that took place during an exchange between a couple of my mutuals,

Ever since, I’ve had it in the back of my mind. I think the reason that I’ve not been able to stop thinking about this tweet is because of how clarifying it is. The sentiment expressed in that tweet helps to bring together several threads of thought that I’ve had and have written about previously.

The tweet above concisely describes the difference between “America and Americans” on the one hand and the entity variously known as globohomo, the Regime, The Powers That Be, and so forth on the other. I feel that it is important to make this distinction because of the great opprobrium that this Regime has brought upon the name of “American” all over the world for the past several decades, creating a reputation for underhandedness, bullying, and maliciousness the world over, from friend and foe alike. Whether or not the Regime actually blew up the Nordstream 1 and 2 pipelines a few days ago, a huge chunk of the world – as well as a good chunk of the American people themselves – believe it to be true because it is entirely in charactre with the way it has behaved for decades.

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I’m Not Willing to Live with Lefties

One of the topics I write about fairly consistently is ethnicity (in the true sense of the term), ethnogenesis, and the impact these have on Western societies. Especially in the American case, ethnogenesis has been an ongoing process that has helped to differentiate Americans from their European forebearers. Indeed, as I’ve pointed out elsewhere, ethnogenesis has actually created two White ethnies occupying the territory of the United States, ethnies which are mutually and increasingly antagonistic. In this post, I’d like to go beyond merely reiterating the existence of that ethnogenesis and discuss some of the consequences of it.

One of the truisms of life that you can take to the bank is that diversity plus proximity equals trouble. This is true whether you personally like it or not. This applies to racial diversity, this applies to linguistic diversity, this applies (as it does here) to ethnic diversity. This division is, in fact, exactly what God intended when He split mankind up at Babel. Even if you don’t accept the Bible as authoritative, there are still several thousand years of human history that attests to the truth that things work best when there’s a place for everyone and everyone stays in their place.

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The Regime’s Crisis of Legitimacy

Over the past couple of weeks, it seems that the Regime has really been ramping up its rhetoric against its political and ideological enemies. In a coordinated rollout, talking heads across the media have been stating that “MAGA Trump voters” are “threats to democracy,” “trying to take away our freedoms,” “stochastic terrorists,” and so forth. This all has been timed to culminate with the pResident himself going on national television to explicitly state that the entire half of the country that didn’t vote for him are mortal enemies of the state. This takes on a somewhat more ominous tone when we remember that just a few days previous, this same pResident essentially threatened to use F-15s to bomb patriotic Americans who believe in the Constitution.

While these could be dismissed as the senile ramblings of a doddering old dementia patient, the thing to keep in mind is that Biden himself is merely a sock puppet. What he says reflects the words put into his mouth by the progressive theatre kids who staff his administration, as well as other elements within the Regime. Indeed, all of the huffinpuffery about how “your hillbilly AR-15 can’t take on tanks and fighter jets hurr durr!!” is basically the sort of thing you’d have heard on Reddit for years. But the fact that official channels are now openly talking about using the military against their own people for mere ideological purposes suggests that there is an acceleration going on in the Left’s subversion of this country.

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So You Don’t Think Woke Progressivism is a Religion?

You may not have been aware of it, but a religious revival has been sweeping America for the past few years. However, rather than the old-time religion of Christian piety, it’s a new religion with new idols and a new direction. Yet, not entirely new – it’s the latest phase in an evolving revolutionary belief system that has consciously set itself against every aspect of traditional American culture and society. Whereas earlier progressivism made an effort to appear to integrate itself into earlier American paradigms even as it was acting to overturn them, the current religion of Woke Progressivism has completely excised itself from any pretension of respect for previous Americanism.

Some on the Right balk at the terminology of referring to woke progressivism as a “religion.” After all, hasn’t the modern Left been characterised by a rejection of religion? By an increasingly overt atheism that not only denies traditional religion, but actively subverts and mocks? Yet, unlike European modes of leftism that have remained more within the boundaries of orthodox Marxism-Leninism, official atheism has never been able to gain more than a toehold in the United States. The American temperament is a religious one and therefore requires some object of piety towards which it is directed.

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The Phoenix and the Cyclic Nature of Traditional Time

I’ve always been fascinated by the imagery of the phoenix as it is found in various ancient mythologies. Though most typically associated with Greek mythology, the phoenix, under various names, could be found in mythological systems ranging from the Egyptian to the Chinese to the Arabian to the Armenian and beyond. The phoenix represents an older, Traditional way of looking at time, and therefore the world around us. This more Traditional view of time, as expressed across many different cultures for thousands of years, also found expression in conceptually related mythologies such as that of the ouroborus, the self-devouring worm or snake. This conception of time is one which is completely foreign to the modern world with its progressive-driven, “arrow of time” mentality which views history as an eschatological teleology which has an “end” towards which we are inexorably moving.

As with most things that we find in mythology, the really important thing to understand is not the exoteric, “bare bones” of the myth itself, but rather the symbolic and allegorical message behind the imagery. So it is with the phoenix. In its classical expression the phoenix, the unica semper avis, was a bird which would periodically (often every 500 years) be consumed in an inferno of flame but then would rise again from the ashes to a renewed life. In some systems, the phoenix merely died, decomposed, but then was reborn. From this imagery the phoenix was associated with the concept of rebirth and renewal, of the never-ending cycles of life and our lived experiences. That which is born dies and that which dies gives rise to new life. This is reflective of the concept of chronotopy as deduced by Mikhail Bakhtin, by which meaning from language (in this case the mythological stories) is transferred into the logosphere, grounded in the perception of the flow of events in a mythological or literary system. In many ancient writers this was applied to everything from the natural world to the Roman Empire and beyond.

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The Degradation of the American People

Any student of recent history knows that there has been a noticeable decline in the…quality…of the American people over the past several decades. There are a number of theories as to why this is that exist on /ourside/ of the internet, most of which are probably at least partly true. But whether the cause(s) are hereditary, dietary, environmental, or some combination of these and other things, the effects on modern Homo Americanus can be clearly seen (though I’m given to understand that this is also the case, to one degree or another, in other first world countries as well).

This decline tracks pretty closely with the decay in American public life, civil society, and our social systems in general. I don’t find this too surprising, though. I am rather fond of a perspective in anthropology known as anthropological holism. This frame of reference for approaching the study of mankind involves the understanding that individuals (viewed as spirit, mind, and body), environments, social systems, and cultural artifices interpenetrate and define each other. As holistic complex systems, the sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts in a human society and each part must be taken in relation to the whole, rather than simply being subjected to isolated analysis apart from the rest of the social framework. As a result, what affects one part has an effect on the whole system, shared and evolving cultural experience impacts social and political artifices and vice versa.

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The Ideology of Magic Words

The modern West has come under the sway of a credulous, intellectually-underdeveloped superstition that threatens its continued development and prosperity. This is, of course, woke progressivism. And like most primitive belief systems, progressivism has faith in the power and ability of magic words and fetishes to change or control reality. By fixating upon certain symbols which represent their ideological framework, the modern Left hopes to invest these symbols with the power to alter even the sensible world itself.

Ancient man’s discovery of writing provided to him the ability to represent his thoughts symbolically and in a way that preserves and transmits them to his posterity. In essence, writing allowed humanity to transcend its own impermanence. However, for many, the fetishistic understanding of symbolism merely carried itself into writing, such that the seemingly supernatural powers of the totem was transferred into written words, which have the ability to actually shape and direct unseen energies that warp the world around them. Yet, this conceit was not confined to ancient man. Even today, we have many superstitious types who imagine that their manipulation of the symbols of communication allow them to render reality malleable.

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Immigration That Actually Works

Recently, I’ve been reading a book entitled Mediterranean Anarchy, Interstate War, and the Rise of Rome, by Arthur Eckstein. I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit and, along with its succeeding volume (which I accidentally read first), they form an excellent defence of the Realist school in international relations as applied to the ancient world. The current volume addresses the rise of Rome (basically between 350 and 188 BC) from being a not-very-successful local power to ending up as the last man standing in the Mediterranean-wide system crisis that began with the collapse of the Ptolemaic dynasty starting in 207 BC.

One gratifying aspect to this work is that Eckstein bucks a lot of modern trends by defending Rome from charges of being exceptionally bloodthirsty and predatory. Indeed, as he goes to great lengths to explain, Rome was basically par for the course with regards to diplomatic and military aggressiveness in the Hellenistic world. The converse to this is that because Rome wasn’t exceptionally aggressive, that can’t be used as an explanation for Rome’s eventual success in becoming the system-wide hegemon of the ancient world. So how did Rome end up coming out on top?

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Elon Musk and the Value of Culture Warring

The biggest story over the past week has been Elon Musk’s ongoing effort to buy out Twitter and turn it private. One of his stated goals in doing so is to restore freedom of speech to all of Twitter’s users, even the ones who want to say things that would counter the Left’s Woke narrative memeplex. This has (obviously) generated a great deal of sound and fury from all sides, with those on the Right (who get censored) generally being enthusiastic while those on the Left (who like to be able to censor) are horrified.

They have good reason to be horrified, too. Musk’s potential buyout of Twitter represents much more than just a chink in the hithertofore almost complete control over public narrative crafting that the Left has enjoyed via mainstream media, culture creation, and social media. It also embodies the symbolic effect of successful pushback against the progressive monolith. Musk has done more to put the Left off its game than has the election of a thousand Republican politicians. If the responses from lefties at all levels over the past week are any indication, they are genuinely frightened in a way they haven’t been for a long time.

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