The Emergence of the Transnational Empire

The other day on Twitter, I saw this tweet below that took place during an exchange between a couple of my mutuals,

Ever since, I’ve had it in the back of my mind. I think the reason that I’ve not been able to stop thinking about this tweet is because of how clarifying it is. The sentiment expressed in that tweet helps to bring together several threads of thought that I’ve had and have written about previously.

The tweet above concisely describes the difference between “America and Americans” on the one hand and the entity variously known as globohomo, the Regime, The Powers That Be, and so forth on the other. I feel that it is important to make this distinction because of the great opprobrium that this Regime has brought upon the name of “American” all over the world for the past several decades, creating a reputation for underhandedness, bullying, and maliciousness the world over, from friend and foe alike. Whether or not the Regime actually blew up the Nordstream 1 and 2 pipelines a few days ago, a huge chunk of the world – as well as a good chunk of the American people themselves – believe it to be true because it is entirely in charactre with the way it has behaved for decades.

Now, when people think of the term “empire” they typically think of all of the historical examples that are readily at hand. One polity grows in strength and exercises its power over neighbouring groups of people, exploiting them for wealth, manpower, or geographical advantages. In all historical empires, there have been clear geographical and ethnic lines that define the overlords and the subject peoples. The dominant ethnie hails from a specific region and generally tends to maintain itself endogenously. Even the Roman Empire, which was famous for extending citizenship to (initially) foreign elites, still maintained the fiction that Germanic barbarians and Palmyrene merchants were “becoming Romans” when they granted them citizenship.

However, the post-WWII multinational order saw the rise of something new – the first truly trans-national empire. It is one which does not have one central power base, one region from which it hails and one ethnie who originated it. Instead, this globohomo empire exists across many nations and does its wheeling and dealing in power centres from Washington DC to London to Brussels. From these centres it exercises pretentions of global rule, seeking to exert control over nations all across the globe and loot them for their revenues and resources while holding their native populations in contempt. This same distributed power network model exists within the various nations held in thrall, linking bureaucracies, media, and the enforcement arms of governments together in what Moldbug referred to as “the Cathedral.”

The thing that people need to understand is that two generations of “conspiracy theorists” were fundamentally correct about the main arguments in favour of a global conspiracy to undermine and gain control over the nations of the world. Even though many of the details may have been wrong, ultimately these folks were correct about the baleful influences of various NGOs and other globalist organisations – something which in recent years is becoming more and more apparent even to the normiest of normies. A lot of folks (perhaps due to wishful thinking) want to chalk up the seemingly dumb things we see being done on the part of this transnational elite as mere stupidity or hubris. While this may be the case many times at the lower, exoteric levels within these organisations, one nevertheless must ask one’s self why the results of this stupidity always seem to move in one direction only.

Now America is obviously an integral part of this transnational empire – there’s really no denying this. Our role has been to provide the “muscle” that has kept the rest of the pieces of the post-war global system in line and exerts Regime control over other parts of the world. But the Regime’s empire spans the entirety of the Anglosphere and Europe, as well as select client states such as Japan, South Korea, and Ukraine. But I want to reiterate the point that “The United States” and “Globohomo Regime” are NOT contiguous concepts. The average American is as much a pawn (and a victim) of the games these people place as are everyone else. And the genuine, real American people do not approve of this Regime and increasingly view it as illegitimate.

This sentiment intersects with the point I have made previously that the White population (i.e. the majority, at least for the time being) of the United States is really made up of two different cultural ethnies derived from our earlier founding stock and the subsequent waves of pre-1965 immigration. Only one of these – the Red tribe – is really the lineal descendant of the America of days gone by. The other – the Blue tribe – are a hostile and foreign element who, despite their current cynical attempts to co-opt concepts like patriotism, are often really more comfortable thinking of themselves as “citizens of the world.” They don’t “love America,” they are merely enamoured with a vision of what they wish to distort America into. They’re the ones who despise and increasingly use the power of the federal and state governments to punish the people they think of as “chuds” and “rednecks” and “hillbillies.”

They’re the ones who essentially form the constituency of the globalist transnationals. They vote for their candidates, they enforce their social diktat on social media and in the real world, and they form the pool from which the lower level “staff” of globalism is drawn. But the thing is, people like them exist all across the Regime’s empire. Go to Europe and you’ll find the same type of people making fun of “villagers” living in the countryside, complaining about the “fascism” of Italian voters. Ditto for any other place where the Regime exercises power. Ultimately, because we are all faced with a predatory, malicious empire that appears to even have genocidal designs upon us, it makes sense for the chuds of the world to unite in the cause of defending our respective peoples.

That’s why, as an American, I am all in favour of supporting nationalist movements and opposition to globohomo in general wherever we find it. Whether it’s Dutch farmers, Canadian truckers, Sri Lankans overthrowing a WEF-dominated government, or the Italian Right winning an election, if they’re opposing the Regime, then they’re friends. This is also why real Americans should be quick to disavow the recent bombing of the Nordstream pipelines – a terrorist act that was most logically committed by the Regime using elements of the American military and/or intelligence apparatus.

How YOU doin’?

Replace “USA” in that pic with “Regime” and you’ve just about nailed it, I believe. That criminal act ticks me off to no end, mainly because of the genuine suffering it is likely to cause Germans and other Europeans. The brunt of that suffering will fall on the regular, everyday people just trying to live their lives and who are similarly being looted by the Regime while at the same time being replaced in their homelands by hordes of third worlders being imported by the empire, just as Americans are.

At this point, I’d like to take a moment to talk about the anti-Christian nationalism narrative that has emerged among so-called Christian “thought leaders.” The fact of the matter is that “Christian nationalism” is really just another way of describing what has existed in pretty much every western nation up until roughly the middle of the 20th century. Nations whose populations almost uniformly profess Christianity should have laws based upon Christian principles? The people of a nation should have a closer affinity for their own people than for foreigners living on the other side of the globe? Why are these even considered debatable?

Yet ultimately, the real issue here is that of globalism. The whole tenor of Holy Scripture militates against globalism and globalist thinking. The Bible is very clear that God separated the various nations so that they might seek Him rather than trying to unite in rebellion against Him as mankind tried to do at Babel. No sentimental argument about “loving the stranger” used as an excuse to amalgamate or subsume western nations has any genuine moral force against the clear scriptural principle of national continuation. Indeed, to oppose nationalism and support globalism is a truly antichrist position in its fundamental charactre. Those Big Evangelical leaders who speak out against Christian nationalism are essentially globalist in their leanings and are merely tools used to try to gatekeep Christians against loving their own peoples and opposing the anti-God global agenda of the Regime.

As such, it is actually a moral imperative on our part to oppose globalism and the efforts of the transnational empire to impose its will even further upon the peoples of the world. They should be opposed at every step and by whatever means is available to us. The Regime has created a very fragile complex system and are in the process of multiplying the opposition to it as they accelerate the imposition of their agenda. Hence, as counterintuitive as it may seem to people who’ve bought the narrative that “nationalism = international conflict,” it is actually up to the regular people of every nation who love their nations to work together to oppose the world controllers and their manufactured conflicts and machinations.


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