Weaponising Midwits in the COVID-19 War on Civil Society

The United States of America is a deeply divided society, as basically any observer can tell. It’s an understatement to say that we have essentially no social cohesion left. Decades of pretending that “diversity is our strength” has led to a racially and ethnically divided society made up of Heritage Americans on one side and a whole host of economic parasites and ethnonarcissistic minorities on the other. Added to this is the widening economic divide created by open immigration and economic centralisation of wealth into the hands of an oligarchy of economically unproductive but politically powerful elite factions. Topping it all off is a “woke” political ideology that is capable of accepting the most obviously ridiculous propositions, and which is attempting to force the majority of the country to go along with these, which creates even more society-wide discord. It’s difficult to conceive of anything that could make the situation worse.

So naturally, enter the midwit.

“Midwit” is a term that has been seeing a lot of use on social media in recent months. What exactly is a midwit? It refers to someone who is smart enough, for example, to manage to obtain a college degree but who is not capable of really understanding what they’ve learned or what they’re trying to learn in another discipline. This, however, is coupled with an absolute assurance on their part that what they’ve been told by some progressive authority figure is unquestionably true and “smart” and that it’s “dumb” to challenge it.

As such, the essence of midwittery is not so much based on level of intelligence as it is the willingness to commit oneself to believing oftentimes false propositions based on progressive psychological and/or ideological convenience. In most uses, we’re talking about people on the Left who believe obvious nonsense and who should really know better, but don’t because of ideological blinders that force them to accede to patently false premises. They’re “midwits” because, regardless of actual cognitive ability, they act like people who aren’t smart enough to think beyond the narrative they’re fed. As such, they put tremendous stock in what officially designated “experts” say, even when those experts are obviously wrong.

What makes midwits so dangerous is their willingness to believe propaganda and then enforce the aims of that propaganda upon everybody else, using their unwavering self-assurance as ipso facto moral justification. They’re smart enough to grasp what the propaganda is telling them, but not smart enough to understand or accept the reasons for why the propaganda might be wrong.

This touches on the reason for propaganda and why it is so effective when used by governments. It’s important to understand that propaganda doesn’t need to be convincing to everyone. It merely needs to be convincing to enough people that it creates society-wide pressure on the rest to conform. The purpose of propaganda is to appeal to the great masses of people who can’t or won’t critically examine anything, which will be roughly 70-80% of any given population. Thus, it doesn’t really matter what the few who see through it think. Their voices will just be drowned out in the white noise, and perhaps officially suppressed as well

Propaganda is designed, essentially, to appeal to midwittery. It tells them what is “right” to believe and then justifies their belief in their own superior intelligence for believing what they’ve been told.

Nowhere in recent years has midwittery been more prominent than in the incessant calls to “believe the science” as a prelude to accepting some ideologically progressive program. Left-wing policy makers have discovered the magic formula for getting the modern American to go along with any proposal, no matter how ridiculous or impossible – you call it Science™ and it becomes unquestionably true.

Hence, the millennia-old observation (you know, as in empirically evident) that male and female are basically immutable is rejected as superstition, while appealing to a relative handful of obvious genetic defects and psychological illness to justify mutilating impressionable children is Science. Suggesting that the Sun may be primarily responsible for climate fluctuation is derided as “dangerous,” but ignoring everything actual science knows about complexity and feedback mechanisms to posit a simplistic effect from CO2 is Science. And so on. Actual knowledge is replaced with endogenous progressive hyperreality. The role of the midwit is to tell you to stop believing actual science and to believe Science instead.

As we’ve all seen, the past year has seen an explosion in the growth of the midwit infestation. Indeed, COVID-19 has been like putting rabbit turds on a mushroom patch. You know the karen at the grocery store screeching at you to wear a mask and who double masks while driving alone in her own car? That’s a midwit who doesn’t actually understand how PPE works. Yet you can be sure that she hangs on every word from the obnoxious little goblin DOCTOR Fauci. Every bad policy, every idiotic response to the pandemic that has been destructive, counterproductive, and population reductive has had its midwit cheerleaders willing to shout down anyone who questions the official narratives.

Now, to (ahem) circle back to what I said at the beginning about social cohesion. Practically every policy that has been enacted in response to COVID-19 seems specifically designed to eliminate what little social cohesion is left in Western societies, turning us all into completely atomised consumer units. This is especially the case for modern American society, whose misguided (and historically recent) belief in its basis on “rugged individualism” made its social cohesion more fragile to begin with.

Lockdowns destroy the natural human impulse to congregate and socialise in a civil society. The hamhanded approach by the political and medical establishments to things like vaccine rollouts grossly undermines public trust in institutions that ought to be serving as social glue. The destruction of small businesses and the centralisation of economic activity into the hands of a few megacorporations doesn’t just put people out of work, it removes the foundation of localism that creates genuine bonds of community. Universal masking removes even the very ability of people to interact with each other in a normal way by dealing with each other (literally) face to face.

In short, whatever remaining civil society we might have is being rapidly dynamited by the officially mandated narrative responses to COVID-19.  If the current trajectory continues, the ensuing lack of social trust, and the civil strife and disorder that this always engenders, will make the public health crisis caused by the virus look like child’s play.

And you know who bears a huge amount of responsibility for this? The stupid, unthinking, anti-thinking midwits who have been weaponised by the powers that be to take it upon themselves to police everyone else for infractions against the official narrative. As willing tools of the bad faith actors who make policy in government and the board room, they bear much of the fault for this state of affairs. Their willingness to destroy other peoples’ lives, to inform on any dissenters, to cheer on the collapse of civil society all for their own selfish sense of moral superiority mark them out as the very enemies of humanity. And when all is said and done and true normalcy and social stability have finally returned (whenever this may be), these midwits, along with the rest of the progressive cabal, must be punished for their crimes against order, decency, and human society.


15 thoughts on “Weaponising Midwits in the COVID-19 War on Civil Society

  1. In order for a person to take an interest in politics and current affairs he or she will probably need an IQ of, let us say, 90. Anyone who scores lower will probably have their focus on more concrete and immediate things such as work and family. (But I am not saying that everyone with an IQ above 90 is necessarily going to be interested in politics. I can remember perfectly intelligent aunties whose entire conversation seemed to be about their children.)

    Anyway, anyone with an IQ between say 90 and 110 who is interested in current affairs will still not have sufficient intelligence to do their own independent research, to read between the lines of the mainstream narratives, and to seek out those alternative news sources that try more honestly to discover the real causes behind the social problems of our day.

    Only a person who is capable of doing their own research, unaided, will navigate towards sites such as unz.com, for example. And to do these things one needs an IQ above 110.

    The trouble is, of course, that a sizeable chunk of the population actually has an IQ between 90 and 110. Indeed, given a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15, then two thirds of a standard deviation either side of the mean comprises almost exactly 50% of the population.

    So 25% of the population doesn’t care, 50% of the population do care but they swallow the mainstream poison. Only at most 25% are intelligent enough to both care about where their society and culture is headed and to understand the real reasons behind the decline

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    1. 110 isn’t selective enough. There is an enormous chasm between the slightly above average (100-120) and the geniuses (140+).


  2. I tend to think of “midwits” simply as victims of an American education system controlled by the teachers unions. Critical thinking is a skill which was in the past, and should be, an important part of secondary education. The progressive “Educationalists” of this country push public education as indoctrination, and critical thinking and analysis are an anathema to their agenda.
    I won’t delve into “Nature vs. Nurture” in this context, as there is obviously an intelligence threshold for the ability to think independently, and to question authority, but I think it is an error to sell out the person of average IQ as being unable to think independently. As long as “Progressives” control our entire system of schooling, the impetus to think critically and to recognize and question propaganda, can primarily come from good parenting, and good mentoring.


  3. Midwit is really just a new term for an old Communist idea for infiltrating and corrupting Western societies: useful idiot.

    Great piece. I’d pick a few nits:

    The virus did not cause the public health crisis; the politicians and their oligarchical pals did, and they will continue to perpetuate it.

    “Lockdowns destroy the natural human impulse to congregate and socialise in a civil society.”

    I’m not sure that’s true. I think this whole grand experiment to which we are being subjected will wake people up to the fact the society and social cohesion are necessary, and what is being done to us is in fact detrimental to that, regardless of what the propagandists and their army of useful idiots say. The fact that we’re writing these things without fear of the Stasi knocking down our doors shows that critical thinking in society is not totally dead. Still, I think it gets worse before it gets better.

    If you want to see how past is prologue, check out “From Peoples Into Nations: A History of Eastern Europe”


    It’s a fascinating, detailed look at that part of the world from ~1400 up to the present, and gives some frightening parallels (intended or not, they are obvious) to the methods being used by our enemies (one quick example: the propagandist use of the term “unity”).



  4. Very well written but as we approach back to normality nothing will happened. This Midwits will continue in what they were doing.

    The problem is that someone from top give them stick and paper with rules to follow. They empowered the stupid to do this. My only concern is why did the smart people not fighting back. If they will stay silent, the stupid majority will always be stronger. The smart people have to act and take responsibility. They have to speak out and point on the stupidity front of them.


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