SJWism is Cultural Imperialism

Everyone knows that there is a cultural divide in the West.  However, many people have difficulty identifying exactly what it is.  It is widely assumed that the cultural divide is between “us” and “the foreigners.”  While it is true that immigration is hard at work creating ever-expanding pockets of non-Western cultural zones across North America and Europe, these are largely exogenous and have a relatively small impact on the consciousness of the average American or European.  The cultural divide that I am talking about is much more indigenous and systematic.  It is the divide between white North Americans and Europeans who hold to their traditional cultural folkways and those who do not, and who are actively trying to supplant those traditional cultures.

Much has been said in recent years about “cultural marxism.”  I won’t go into the details of the origins of cultural marxism in the German Frankfurt School of social theorists, or how their ideology eventually morphed into the cultural marxism of today (which largely occurred during the drastic social changes of the 1960s and 1970s).  Suffice it to say that cultural marxism, as it is manifested today, essentially consists of a deconstruction of Western civilisation accompanied by doctrinaire multiculturalism and political correctness.  The intention is to undermine and destroy the bases upon which Western, capitalistic, bourgeois society is founded (the “marxist” part), and seeks to do so through the means of capturing the moral and informational “transmissive” elements of society – education, entertainment, religious institutions, news media, etc. (the “cultural” part).  Mixed in with this is a large element of Antonio Gramsci’s theory of “cultural hegemony,” in which a dominant ruling class in a culturally diverse nation exerts its influence to impose its culture onto the rest of society (more on this below).

Despite the arguments of many on the Left, it is readily apparent that cultural marxism is real, and that it is at work among those on the Left.  This is especially that case with the SJWs (social justice warriors), who serve as progressivism’s “shock troops” at enforcing “progressive” values onto the rest of society.

Make no mistake – “progressives” really and truly do embody a very different culture than that held by traditional Western populations.  They are not – emphatically not – more or less like us, with just a few quirks.

What is SJW culture?  Probably the best (and most humourous) explanation of it can be found at Christian Lander’s website Stuff White People Like.  Within the 136 entries he made (before he sold out and went corporate, maaaaan), he satirised the predilections of “The Right Kind of White People” (i.e. SJWs and other progs), while contrasting them with “The Wrong Kind of White People,” (i.e. the rest of us).  The right kind of white people like Barack Obama, environmentalism, Birkenstocks, and Starbucks.  The wrong kind of white people like tractor pulls, country music, blue jeans, and voted for George W. Bush.  The right kind of white people want Bernie Sanders but will settle for Hillary.  The wrong kind of white people are rooting for Trump.    Below is a brief tabulation of some differences relevant to the American experience in particular.


The Right Kind of White People The Wrong Kind of White People
Prefer to Live Urban

Rural, Suburban

Religious Views

Irreligious Religious
Views on Foreign Affairs Cosmopolitan


Ideal Age Demographic

Millennial, Baby-Boomer Gen-X, Greatest Generation


Find distasteful

Bundles of joy

The Arts For the elite

For the masses


Outdated Goal in life
Gay Marriage Yes, yes, very much yes





Education is for…

Indoctrinating children into worldview

Preparing children for life


Must be imposed at all costs


Transportation preferences Bicycling, Light rail

Automobiles with poor gas mileage


Proponents of it

Victims of it

Descended from which British folkway

Puritans from New England

Scots-Irish and Borderers from Appalachia

This is just a small taste.  The divide between traditional Americans and SJWs extends to musical tastes, which restaurants they will eat at, which stores they will shop at, and literally everything else.

This culture embodied by progressives has its origins in the cultural revolution of the late 1960s, and (as we all know) represents a marked departure from traditional American culture.

In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be a problem with this, since we could all just live and let live.  However, as I’ve pointed out before, you can’t ever really and truly have a multicultural society – not when there are multiple nationalities living under the same roof, and not even when people who are ostensibly members of the same nationality are, either.  Multiple cultures cannot coexist in the same geography at the same time – one will supplant the other, either through eradication, or through some form of assimilation (e.g. conquest followed by deculturation).

This is where Gramsci’s theory of cultural hegemony comes into play.  Gramsci posited that the ruling class in a nation will pursue culturally hegemonic goals by imposing its own values onto the lower classes and engineering their acceptance as the “natural order” of things.  For most of American and Western history, this was not particular problematic because the elites and the masses generally shared the same set of cultural underpinnings and assumptions anywise.  Hence, this imposition of cultural values on the masses was not onerous, and indeed, could even be beneficial when it improved the morals and manners of the rougher elements of society.

Gramsci himself talked about cultural hegemony as an observation – from his Marxist viewpoint, it was what the bourgeois and aristocratic classes imposed on the masses so as to maintain the so-called traditional and capitalistic order of society.  However, today’s cultural marxists have turned it around – instead of despising it as something that capitalists and traditionalists do to them, it has become something they want to do to traditionalists and other “reactionaries.”

However, as I noted above, cultures can’t co-exist for long.  This is why the SJWs are working fervently to extirpate the remaining vestiges of traditional societies in the West.  They view themselves (unfortunately, not without reason) as society’s elite, and therefore view their mandate as the imposition of their own culture onto the rest of us.  “Enlightening” us is their holy duty, and in many ways, theirs might be considered the “Beta man’s burden,” bringing civilisation to the old-fashioned, traditionalist Fuzzy Wuzzies.  Their ambitions are not simply political, they are holistic – all of society, from top to bottom, must be transformed by their culture.

Hence, SJWs are culturally imperialistic.  Remember when Americans were beating Native American children in Indian schools for speaking their native languages?  The SJWs destroying the small business of a Christian who refuses to service a gay “wedding” is the modern day equivalent.

SJW culture was specifically created to subvert and overthrow everything about traditional culture – Christianity, morality, private property, masculinity, nationalism, social order, and all the rest.  Literally every single thing on their program exists to try to topple some aspect of the old order.  The whole point to SJW tactics is to impose their new order, their culture, onto us from the top down.

So what do we do about it?  One is tempted to say at this late date, “A whole lot of nothing.”  Modern conservatism (or should we say cuckservatism?) has been completely useless in fulfilling its role of “conserving” our culture.  The red-pilled only make up a very small percentage of our populations.  It’s obvious that we’re not going to beat the Left at their own game of loud, public activism, since they control most, if not quite all, of the organs of “official” information dissemination, as well as the government.  So what do we do to preserve our culture?

Well, we learn from the histories of other peoples who have been imperialistically occupied by cultural aggressors.  After all, India remained Indian, even with 200 years of British domination.  After Rome left the Middle East, the Semites ended up proving to be just as Semitic as they had ever been.  We can keep our culture intact until we have the opportunity to throw off the SJW “elite.”

The first, and most basic, point is to inculcate a widespread awareness of the need to preserve our culture.  You can’t maintain a culture when you don’t realise it is in danger.  Obviously, most traditionalist Americans and other Westerners realise there is a culture war going on, but I don’t think many of them realise just how close to losing it they really are.  They need to wake up, turn off the television, and get serious about saving what they have.

Second, close the entry points that the SJWs use to get into your minds and the minds of your children.  Again, turn off the TV.  Stop going to see the SJW-addled movies like the new Mad Max and the new Ghostbusters movies.  Don’t financially support the subversion.  And if you’re not already doing so, start homeschooling, even if you have to sacrifice to do it.  Pass on YOUR culture to your children, rather than SJW culture.

Third, become a part of a traditional community if you are not already.  Build up ties that will reinforce your own confidence in your culture and the confidence of others.  Don’t allow the SJWs to psychologically isolate you into thinking that everyone has joined them.

Culture can be a powerful thing, if we will hold onto it.  Always remember that the SJWs and other progressives really make up a minority in our societies.  They only have the cultural power which they do because we allowed them to worm their way into our institutions in previous decades.  Sidestep those institutions, destroy them, build our own parallel alternatives and be diligent about guarding the gates.  The SJWs can pass all the laws they like, but if we inculcate our own culture demotically, their efforts will be for naught.


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