What It Means to be Red-Pilled – A Very Brief Primer on Being Dissident Right

A lot has been said about the broad dissident Right in recent months now that the SJWs and the cuckservatives have finally started to clue into its existence as an independent phenomenon.  This is not to say, however, that either of these groups really understand what is going on, nor is it to say that their approach to it is marked by any great degree of honesty.

One of the themes used by those within the broad dissident Right is that of being “red-pilled” versus “blue-pilled.”  Most readers can probably recognise that the imagery comes from the 1999 movie The Matrix, in which the main protagonist, named Neo, is offered the choice of a red pill and a blue pill by Morpheus.  In the backstory of the movie, humanity had at some point in the past lost a robot war and individual humans were now used as bioelectric energy sources to power the robots’ world.  To pacify the humans, they are kept sedated inside a virtual reality simulation known as “the matrix,” inside of which they are led to believe that they are living in “the real world” of 1999.  Taking the red pill would allow Neo to wake up and re-enter the actual real world, in which a relative handful of humans were detached from the matrix and fighting a rebellion against the computers.  Taking the blue pill, on the other hand, would return Neo to his blissful, sedated life as a virtual-reality addled battery.

The theme is used because it is a very good approximation of what we see around us.  Practically our entire society exists in a sort of dream state where they are fed a false reality by the media, the education and propaganda complex, the government, the entertainment industry, and practically every other source of information.  Like Neo prior to being red-pilled, most Americans float along without ever really thinking or question the “reality” they’re being fed by these sources.

In essence, to be “red-pilled” is simply to be able to think for one’s self, to recognise, and to be able to reject the false narratives that we are fed by the progressive-dominated information sources around us.  There are many fundamental elements of the progressive worldview – equality, the “need” for diversity, the LBGTQ agenda, feminism, the goodness of democracy, the inevitability of “progress,” and much more – that are unthinkingly accepted, even by many so-called “conservatives,” who are largely indoctrinated into the progressive mindset while still believing themselves to be “constitutional conservatives” or something similar.

To be red-pilled means to recognise falsehood when one sees it.  A red-pilled individual can discern worldviews and elements within those worldviews.  They can look beyond the slogans and the soundbites to recognise what really drives any particular argument or action that the progressives and SJWs might make.

To be red-pilled also means to have the moral courage and fortitude to speak the truth about the progressive agenda when they see it.  Many conservatives will recognise that something is wrong, but will allow themselves to be browbeaten into submission because they’re afraid of being called “racist, sexist, homophobic” and all the rest of the Left’s litany of psychologically-manipulative scare-words.  Others desire acceptance by “polite” society more than they do a knowledge and acceptance of the truth.  In effect, these conservatives are cowards, and it is their cowardice that often separates then from dissident Righters who are willing to accept the truth and to reject the false narratives of the Left even when they’re smeared by the SJWs and other “progressives.”

It is certainly true that a red-pilled individual will accede to truths that are outside the “mainstream” of polite discourse.  That is because “polite discourse” is defined by a lying media and entertainment industry that is actively hostile to genuine truth and which seeks to advance a radical social and political agenda whose end is the destruction of our traditional society.  The red-pilled individual chooses not to “go with the flow” like the many cowardly “conservatives” who are always just a couple of steps behind the progressives as society moves ever farther away from right reason.

As such, there are any number of issues – feminism, gay “rights,” immigration and culture, race, Islam, welfare, the divorce industry, and much, much more – about which red-pilled individuals will absolutely horrify not only SJWs, but also mainstream “conservatives.”  These cuckservatives think they’re being “bold and edgy” when they support the 2nd amendment.  Let’s see them start telling the truth about transsexualism being a mental illness, or about the implication of IQ disparities between different racial groups.  It’s when you get into those realms that you start separating the men from the boys.  Yet, it is falsehood in those realms which enables so much of the social decay and rot that we see today.  We need to speak the truth in these realms, regardless of who doesn’t like it.

In summation, being “red-pilled” simply means this – being willing to speak the truth even when the world system is against you, being willing to “wake up” to a reality through which both sides of the uniparty-driven political spectrum would rather you continue to blissfully doze.  The only way to change the system so as to return it to a traditional, genuinely reality-based one is to continue to encourage as many as possible to take the red pill.

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