What It Means to be Red-Pilled – A Very Brief Primer on Being Alt-Right

https://i1.wp.com/gemstatepatriot.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/red_pill_blue_pill.jpgA lot has been said about the broad alt-Right in recent months now that the SJWs and the cuckservatives have finally started to clue into its existence as an independent phenomenon.  This is not to say, however, that either of these groups really understand what is going on, nor is it to say that their approach to it is marked by any great degree of honesty.

One of the themes used by those within the broad alt-Right is that of being “red-pilled” versus “blue-pilled.”  Most readers can probably recognise that the imagery comes from the 1999 movie The Matrix, in which the main protagonist, named Neo, is offered the choice of a red pill and a blue pill by Morpheus.  In the backstory of the movie, humanity had at some point in the past lost a robot war and individual humans were now used as bioelectric energy sources to power the robots’ world.  To pacify the humans, they are kept sedated inside a virtual reality simulation known as “the matrix,” inside of which they are led to believe that they are living in “the real world” of 1999.  Taking the red pill would allow Neo to wake up and re-enter the actual real world, in which a relative handful of humans were detached from the matrix and fighting a rebellion against the computers.  Taking the blue pill, on the other hand, would return Neo to his blissful, sedated life as a virtual-reality addled battery.

The theme is used because it is a very good approximation of what we see around us.  Practically our entire society exists in a sort of dream state where they are fed a false reality by the media, the education and propaganda complex, the government, the entertainment industry, and practically every other source of information.  Like Neo prior to being red-pilled, most Americans float along without ever really thinking or question the “reality” they’re being fed by these sources.

In essence, to be “red-pilled” is simply to be able to think for one’s self, to recognise, and to be able to reject the false narratives that we are fed by the progressive-dominated information sources around us.  There are many fundamental elements of the progressive worldview – equality, the “need” for diversity, the LBGTQ agenda, feminism, the goodness of democracy, the inevitability of “progress,” and much more – that are unthinkingly accepted, even by many so-called “conservatives,” who are largely indoctrinated into the progressive mindset while still believing themselves to be “constitutional conservatives” or something similar.

To be red-pilled means to recognise falsehood when one sees it.  A red-pilled individual can discern worldviews and elements within those worldviews.  They can look beyond the slogans and the soundbites to recognise what really drives any particular argument or action that the progressives and SJWs might make.

To be red-pilled also means to have the moral courage and fortitude to speak the truth about the progressive agenda when they see it.  Many conservatives will recognise that something is wrong, but will allow themselves to be browbeaten into submission because they’re afraid of being called “racist, sexist, homophobic” and all the rest of the Left’s litany of psychologically-manipulative scare-words.  Others desire acceptance by “polite” society more than they do a knowledge and acceptance of the truth.  In effect, these conservatives are cowards, and it is their cowardice that often separates then from alt-Righters who are willing to accept the truth and to reject the false narratives of the Left even when they’re smeared by the SJWs and other “progressives.”

It is certainly true that a red-pilled individual will accede to truths that are outside the “mainstream” of polite discourse.  That is because “polite discourse” is defined by a lying media and entertainment industry that is actively hostile to genuine truth and which seeks to advance a radical social and political agenda whose end is the destruction of our traditional society.  The red-pilled individual chooses not to “go with the flow” like the many cowardly “conservatives” who are always just a couple of steps behind the progressives as society moves ever farther away from right reason.

As such, there are any number of issues – feminism, gay “rights,” immigration and culture, race, Islam, welfare, the divorce industry, and much, much more – about which red-pilled individuals will absolutely horrify not only SJWs, but also mainstream “conservatives.”  These cuckservatives think they’re being “bold and edgy” when they support the 2nd amendment.  Let’s see them start telling the truth about transsexualism being a mental illness, or about the implication of IQ disparities between different racial groups.  It’s when you get into those realms that you start separating the men from the boys.  Yet, it is falsehood in those realms which enables so much of the social decay and rot that we see today.  We need to speak the truth in these realms, regardless of who doesn’t like it.

In summation, being “red-pilled” simply means this – being willing to speak the truth even when the world system is against you, being willing to “wake up” to a reality through which both sides of the uniparty-driven political spectrum would rather you continue to blissfully doze.  The only way to change the system so as to return it to a traditional, genuinely reality-based one is to continue to encourage as many as possible to take the red pill.


13 thoughts on “What It Means to be Red-Pilled – A Very Brief Primer on Being Alt-Right

  1. Do not be drawn in to the opposition. You do not have to choose a side. Separateness is an illusion. Do not give this false dichotomy power by acknowledging it. If we fight something we are still letting it control us. All for one and one for all.


    1. That’s a very genius statement that sums up why I disagree with this article. There shouldn’t be a red pill blue pill scenario. We should be able to work together and find a common ground upon which we can all legitimately work together. While the media is all propaganda, this is, in fact…A piece of media. I consider myself a moderate left wing, but I share many conservative views. What we need is to stop arguing and get something done.


      1. I share your views about working together, however, after witnessing clip after clip of the far-left progressive SJW’s during the Women’s March in DC after the Inauguration, that this article is targeted towards, it became frighteningly clear that there can be no mutual discourse between the “red-pilled” Alt-right people and the progressives that exhibit what I can only call mass mental illness. Both the feminists and their cuckold emasculated, hollow beta males that were happy to be towed around like dogs to do their handler’s bidding. Thank goodness that even though their numbers were near a million strong, ultimately they are the minority nation-wide. The largest issue is, that terribly destructive agenda is being relentlessly backed and incited by all of the mainstream media (except Fox News), the vast majority of Hollywood (see Shia Lebeauf), and worst of all, radical Islam/Hamas (Linda Sarsour/George Soros funded). It was completely eye opening, shocking, and truly sad because there can be no doubt that those deranged people are victims of malicious conditioning at the very least. There is a Civil War being waged as of that day and it is very real, it just hasn’t turned militant thus far, thank God. There are a great many tough things that will need to happen before our country can even begin to think of healing and reuniting and it breaks my heart. I just thank God that we at least have some 4-8 short years under President Trump to really dig in and focus inward on our own country to address all of the issues that continue to come into focus day after day. If not for him, there would be no stopping the cancer that threatens our nation and I’m 100% convinced that there wouldn’t even be an America to try and heal if Hillary had been elected and allowed to finish the job the Globalist Elite had been so terrifyingly close to completing with inescapable success. I pray for us all, but at least now there is hope and I cannot wait until we come to that place where we can indeed put aside the petty differences we have and work together to make sure we ALL are awake to the reality that we are on a precipice from which we would NEVER come back from if we were to ever go over the edge. I don’t like that this article is true, but it is….completely.

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      2. Hi Lewis,

        Thanks for the comments! Yeah…I wish it wasn’t, either.

        But the fact is that we can either accept reality or we can deny it. We can be red-pill or blue-pill. When you have half the country accepting reality and the other half positively refusing to do so on the basis of ideological prejudices, there really can’t be any “working together” between the two. There’s no point of intersection to come together around. Even the basic ideas of “freedom,” “liberty,” “justice,” etc. suffer from completely different interpretations, so Americans can’t even really rally around those abstract concepts.


  2. As an American who strives to learn as much as I can about my countrypeople from all walks of life and thought, I found this interesting and appreciate you condensing your thoughts as such. More people should strive to speak out on what they feel is right and what resonates with them. I’ve worked as a small-town journalist in Georgia for a newspaper and I worked on this very issue – talking to everyone from every part of the town, affluent, ghetto, blue-collar, white-collar and red-neck. Everyone was equal to me, and I reported their stories equally. I’m also bisexual with a few very kind and badass transsexual friends. They’re not mentally ill in the least! There is also no LGBTQ “agenda” that is evil or seeks to put anyone down. No one would be able to tell I wasn’t straight from interacting with me and my partner is the opposite sex of me.

    What gay rights means in action is making sure LGBTQ people who *are* visible have the same rights as heterosexual people. This hasn’t been the case since back into the 1950s. There were literally gay hunts in the government because a few homophobic law makers made up the idea that gay people would be more easily corruptible by outside forces and then they’d eat out the strength of our country from the inside out. There were a hell of a lot of good, strong, hardworking people that were stalked and lost their jobs serving their country based simply on the gender of people they loved. Even the Post Office kept a record of where suspected gay people lived. This shit was crazy yo. We’ve made strides to be equal, and

    As Americans, we need diversified thought. This is part of what the alt-right movement is. A different way of thinking. We also need a full perspective on history and how it affects all Americans, those visible and “normalized” and everyone else. 🙂

    I salute you for your contribution to our culture and wish you happy holidays.

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    1. I really don’t understand what do you want to say here. Core of alt-right movement is all about prohibition of diversified thought and establishing “truths” that cannot be challenged. Everything that doesn’t comply to those truths is condemned and crucified.

      Being red-pilled simply means I see something you don’t see but the sad truth is that most people that knows nothing strongly believe they know everything or at least almost everything. That is the reason why people who decline evolution, believe in white supremacy, oppose vaccination and many more crazy things believe they know more than educated, open minded and liberal people. That’s what red-pilled really means. For me, world exists in myriads of colors, for “red-pilled” there are only two.


  3. The only red pilled humans to have ever existed, did so in isolation. The matrix is formed by groups of people, conjugating together and enforcing their views upon one another. The left has their matrix, the right has their matrix, any group of people forms into a matrix.

    To escape it all, is to escape humanity and the natural tendency of mankind to build societies based upon culture, tradition, and numerous other social tendencies. If anyone comes up to you offering a pill to join their group, don’t take it, it is an invitation to their matrix.

    For the most part, I have escaped the matrix, I don’t watch the news anymore, I blocked off youtube, I don’t yearn to be part of a group thus I do not sacrifice a part of myself to belong. That is ultimately what being part of a group is, it is giving up part of yourself to belong.

    If you want to be red pilled, shut out the world. The matrix can not exist without it’s power source.

    -Damn I’m good ;p


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