There is No Such Thing as Equal Opportunity


“Equality” is one of those words that has gained far too much currency in the modern West.  The use of it constitutes an exercise in stultiloquence, making it the perfect sort of term for use by social justice warriors (SJWs) and others on the Left.

Equality has been a powerfully destructive force on our society.  Because of it, laws are passed which force businesses to hire suboptimal employees who end up harming not only the productivity of the enterprise, but also the social and trust structures within it as well.  Because of the demands of “equality,” relative power within a company moves away from the productive members of the company towards the non-productive members found in ever-enlarging HR organisations within the corporate structure.  Equality is forcing Americans to accept men intruding themselves into women’s bathrooms and forcing them to make cakes and arrange flowers for the grossly unnatural fantasies of “gay marriage.”  Equality is opening forcing the military, police forces, and fire brigades to lower their standards so that female applicants can pass the physical requirements.

In each and every case, we see that “equality” is really just a cover for SJW-mandated “social redistribution.”  Just as socialists seek wealth redistribution in the economic realm, so SJWs seek social redistribution – the taking of social “results” from one or several groups to be given to others.  If, for example, white males are “overrepresented” in technical fields like the sciences, engineering, computer software design because men are more adept at these fields and whites on average are more intelligent than blacks, then the results of these natural inequalities must be rectified by closing doors to white males and opening them for less qualified applicants.  Likewise, if not enough women are able to meet the physical standards required to be firefighters, then the standards will be lowered to allow more women to fill roles in this traditionally “male privileged” field (which, of course, ends up endangering both the female firefighters themselves, as well as their squadmates and the public they are serving).

SJWs love social redistribution because they can appear to be “moral” for advocating for it and against “inequality,” while at the same time breaking down institutions (e.g. the military, corporations, etc.) which they find offensive to their left-wing worldview.

It’s common to hear mainstream “conservative” equalitarians state that while they don’t support equality of results, they do support equality of opportunity.  However, this is really a distinction without a difference.  After all, the SJW efforts mentioned above seek to bring about an equality of results by distorting the so-called “equality of opportunity.”  They do so by simply ignoring natural differences between groups of people, as well as individuals, and treating people as if they were factory-manufactured spare parts, equally interchangeable for meeting whatever quota or standard the utopian-minded SJWs seek to impose.

Let’s have it out now – there is no such thing as equality of opportunity.  There is no magical formula which any utopian, either of the “liberal” or the “conservative” type, can apply to society to ensure “equality of opportunity” for all people in all areas and still maintain any kind of functioning, non-anarchic, non-chaotic society.  The application of such “social energy” will push any society past its stability point and into the realm of chaotic, non-linear unpredictability and destruction.  Not affirmative action or other racial quotas, not any regimen of reduced standards, not top-down artificially imposed “equality before the law,” will sufffice.  These all will fail, and their unnaturalness will eventually lead to the disintegration of any society that seeks to maintain them for too long.

People are naturally unequal.  Some are taller and others are shorter.  Some are smarter while others are dim.  Some are stronger than others who are weaker.  Some are born into rich families full of opportunities available even to those with mid-range intelligence and little ambition, while others are born into poor families which never enjoy a serendipitous Hallmark Channel “rags-to-riches” superstory, and see individuals with great intelligence, talent, and ambition wasted.  Donald Trump started life with $100 million in the bank and an established family name.  Shanique Jackson living in the ‘hood in Chicago has no such advantages.

What we should keep in mind is that as tragic as we may often find these states of affairs – they are entirely natural.  They are the result of living in a sin-cursed world.  Everyone has a hand dealt to them, and some will have four aces while others have nothing.  There is nothing immoral about this.  What is immoral is trying to destroy those who DO have natural opportunities given to them, simply so that those who don’t will feel better about themselves or will be able to satisfy their baser impulses to spite and envy.

The answer to the inequality of opportunity is, in principle, simple. It is this – play to the fullest the hand you are dealt, and don’t look at others so as to become discouraged by what you may not have.  I fully realise that as a short white guy, I will never be an NBA basketball player and pull down seven figures a year.  There are a lot of other things I’ll never be able to do – not just because of a lack of ambition for doing them, but because of natural inequalities which will decisively prevent me from ever being successful at them.  I won’t ever be a concert pianist, a world-renowned mathematician, or a handsome movie star over whom millions swoon.  I accept these, and am perfectly fine with them.

Natural inequalities are not a bad thing.  Keep this in mind.  It’s actually a good thing that we are not all alike and are not interchangeable threads in the fabric of life such as the SJWs would like for us to be.    When each of us finds what we are – individually – suited for, and do it, we will not only be happier, but we will also be more useful to our families, our churches, our communities, our nations.

One of the single worse phrases in the modern West is, “You can be whatever you want to be!”  The pursuit of this false dream has results in more disappointment, more bitterness, and more anger than almost any other slogan out there.  It encourages millions toward jealousy of others who they see who are better at something than they are, and instead of finding their own niche, the spend their lives trying to be what God has not suited them to be.

For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.” (II Corinthians 10:12)

This is the goal of the SJWs, and is unwittingly (for the most part) abetted by so-called “conservative” equalitarians who parrot this SJW virtue signaling nonsense.  SJWs want for people to be constantly roiled, constantly angry, constantly dissatisfied with what they are fitted for and to be covetous of what other people are and can do.  A jealous and angry person is someone who can be easily controlled.

He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.” (Proverbs 25:28)

What the SJWs are doing when they incite blacks against whites, women against men, the young against the old is really a war against the spirit.  By breaking the spirit of those they can convince to believe that they’ve been “cheated” by someone else, they can bring those people into their power.  And always remember that power over others is the end goal of every single thing that SJWs do in any and all areas of life.

So if you want a free spirit, find whatever it is you have been dealt from among the natural inequalities of life, and make the best use of it that you possibly can.  Don’t try to be what you’re not, be what God made you to be and pursue  it with all your might.


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