Be Unpoliceable

Like most people who have even a shred of common sense and decency, I was pleasantly surprised by the not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse self-defence trial. A couple of days later, I was disappointed (but not overly surprised) that Travis and Gregory McMichael and William Bryan were found guilty on murder charges related to the shooting of Ahmed Arbery. Aside from the issues of self-defence and citizen policing that were involved, both cases also touched on the larger question of the Right’s overall lack of organisation (including that of right-leaning normies).

Now, one topic that I’ve raised in my writings a number of times is the need for normal people in our heritage American communities to organise for community defence. Years ago, I wrote about the need for local militias. I’ve pointed out that militias are a vital organising institution for regular folks at the local level. More recently, I observed that this model was more or less successfully used during the troubles in South Africa over the summer. All in all, I strongly believe in both the right and the necessity for the free citizenry to deny the government a monopoly on the use of force.

Now, a couple of observations concerning this. In case it wasn’t apparent from my earlier writings, I definitely am not a fan of democracy. Yet, I don’t believe this really conflicts with the idea of the community decentralisation of armed power, since under a rightly ordered system in which the king is truly “father of his nation,” that popular power will support its king. Political decision-making at the top and popular support from the king’s men should work together hand in glove. It is also salient at this point to note that “democracy” and “populism” are not always (or even usually) the same thing. Democracies pretty much always quickly devolve into oligarchies, while good autocratic rulers (of which history actually records many) care for and nourish their own people.

Also, there is the fact that the need for community organisation, and the fact that this used to be the norm in this country for most of its history, denies the modern, and modernist, notion held by libertarian “conservatism” about so-called rugged individualism. That ideology merely serves to advance the social atomisation of our society by discouraging any kind of group action, which is of course actively approved by The Powers That Be (TPTB). This is why mainstream “conservative” gatekeepers are tolerated at an institutional level, as they serve to quell organising and action by the real Right and channel its energy into “safe” but ultimately fruitless individualised political activity.

It shouldn’t really need to be said, but TPTB actually do fear White men with guns. That’s why they’ve expended so much time, money, and effort over the past several decades trying to disarm us. Contrary to what social media blackpillers like to think, masses of armed Heritage Americans exercising an alternative to Regime monopoly on the use of force really do constitute a threat to the TPTB and their paramilitaries in BLM and antifa. Their power is neither overwhelming nor unassailable.

Now, they know that they can’t simply ban or confiscate guns. A few years ago, this was tried at the state level in Connecticut when that state attempted to ban AR-15s and other “assault rifles,” but ended up only getting about 10% compliance with that law. That state didn’t even bother to try to enforce it through confiscations. Connecticut found out the hard way that you shouldn’t make a law if you’re not willing to enforce it – not doing so makes you look weak and ineffectual.

The new tactic now, since they can’t ban or confiscate, is to simply render moot the legal ability to use arms to defend yourself and your community. If they can’t make your guns illegal, they will then try to make it illegal to shoot the hoodrat who just busted in your door at 2 AM. As we’ve seen, they’ll also put you on trial, threaten you, and even convict you if you defend local communities from thieves and rioters.

Which brings me back around to where I started – with Kyle Rittenhouse and the McMichael brothers. In both cases, the participants tried to do the right thing, but did so in a way that left them open to legal liability under the new regime of anarchotyranny that now exists in many jurisdictions. Their individual actions made them easy targets for Soros-installed DAs and anti-White political hacks. But it’s because they were acting individually that they got into trouble.

Yet, there’s little that these hacks could do if large numbers of armed Heritage Americans were to show up and defend their communities. Further, the legal troubles that Kyle Rittenhouse and the McMichaels found themselves in would have been avoided. If Kyle had 50 battle buddies with him, do you think a handful of mangy antifas would have tried to attack him? If the whole neighbourhood had accompanied the McMichaels that night, do you think Ahmed Arbery would have felt confident enough to charge at them and try to take away their gun?

And what’s a DA going to do, try to arrest and charge half the people living in a county or community? Send in the cops to confront them, potentially escalating the situation to the point where they could no longer be sure of controlling it? Experience ought to tell us that cops love to intervene when they are the only ones armed or they have a five-to-one numerical advantage. Not so much so when they stand a very real chance of getting shot or ran off by a lot of armed, angry people. The same principle applies in spades to the sort of cowardly trash that makes up most of antifa and BLM’s street level enforcers. These people become noticeably more docile when they face real opposition.

Witness the many times during last summer’s rioting where large numbers of people in local communities came out armed and saw off rioters who showed up. Before TPTB were able to clamp down on local media reporting, we saw a number of examples that involved mostly black rioters and looters suddenly deciding they’d behave themselves and move on when they saw mostly White locals standing around armed with rifles. This is exactly the type of thing that TPTB don’t want happening, but know they’d have a lot of trouble stopping if it became widespread, which is why they want to keep Heritage Americans as atomised and isolated from each other as possible.

It is in the interests of TPTB to carefully calibrate the level of oppression that they apply to the American people at the present time. They need to control you enough to keep you cowed into submission while distracting you with vacuous entertainments and gadgets, but they need to balance this so as to not push people past the point where they will wake up and provoke a mass uprising.

Such an uprising of hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of armed Heritage Americans is not something they could deal with, even with the US military (especially if entire states started getting in on the act). I won’t get into any great detail here (that might be a topic for a later post), but this is not a fight that even the US military could win. All of the armchair dimwits on social media burbling about fighting tanks and F-15s fundamentally misunderstand how insurgencies actually work and how poorly the US military has performed against them since Vietnam. Imagine asking a military that is still primarily made up of Heritage Americans to kill their own people for the crime of asserting rights that still formally exist under the document that the military itself purports to uphold. Now imagine doing so on your own soil where these people will have massive supply and support networks, know the land as well as you do, and most of them either have the same training you have or have been shooting man-sized targets at long distance since they were children.

So yes, TPTB have every reason to fear an armed populace and view community organisation into militia bodies (under whatever name they might exist) as a threat to their plans for a complete takeover of the country. Armed and ORGANISED masses of the citizenry confound both the official and unofficial efforts of TPTB to subvert civil society. The only way to prevent the sort of systematic individual oppressions that occur because of societal atomisation is to band together and become essentially unpoliceable by the TPTB.

“But they won’t let you do it! The Fed’s will stop you!” Do it anywise, but be smart. Don’t organise with people you’ve never met over the internet. Organise locally with people you know and trust and can deal with face to face. Learn how to use opsec. If you’re worried about heat from the term “militia” then call it something else. Whatever. Just organise your community and be prepared for the eventuality (and it will be an eventuality) that higher level authority is going to continue to become both more incapable of maintaining day to day civil order, but also will become more specifically oppressive about the particular things that the elites value and want to take from you. Just remember that you, your family, your friends, and your neighbours are under no moral obligation to make it easy for them to do so.

4 thoughts on “Be Unpoliceable

  1. I don’t think we should exclude the fact that Feds very quickly infiltrate and subvert right-wing organizations. Which is also another very important explanation.


    1. Don’t call it a militia, or a neighborhood watch. Call it the block party committee. Call it the neighborhood paintball club. Don’t call it anything, because the first rule of X is “we don’t talk about X.”


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