The Regime’s Crisis of Legitimacy

Over the past couple of weeks, it seems that the Regime has really been ramping up its rhetoric against its political and ideological enemies. In a coordinated rollout, talking heads across the media have been stating that “MAGA Trump voters” are “threats to democracy,” “trying to take away our freedoms,” “stochastic terrorists,” and so forth. This all has been timed to culminate with the pResident himself going on national television to explicitly state that the entire half of the country that didn’t vote for him are mortal enemies of the state. This takes on a somewhat more ominous tone when we remember that just a few days previous, this same pResident essentially threatened to use F-15s to bomb patriotic Americans who believe in the Constitution.

While these could be dismissed as the senile ramblings of a doddering old dementia patient, the thing to keep in mind is that Biden himself is merely a sock puppet. What he says reflects the words put into his mouth by the progressive theatre kids who staff his administration, as well as other elements within the Regime. Indeed, all of the huffinpuffery about how “your hillbilly AR-15 can’t take on tanks and fighter jets hurr durr!!” is basically the sort of thing you’d have heard on Reddit for years. But the fact that official channels are now openly talking about using the military against their own people for mere ideological purposes suggests that there is an acceleration going on in the Left’s subversion of this country.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if there is to be an open civil war in the USA, it will almost assuredly be instigated and started by the Left. However, it is not one that they are likely to win, for a number of reasons that I will elaborate briefly below. They are ones that I suspect the Regime itself knows, which makes the current trajectory they seem to be setting appear all the more desperate. Common sense would dictate that they should try to keep the repression at just a high enough level to intimidate the citizenry into compliance without actually provoking a broad response, even if not a violent one. Yet, the Left is dynamiting what is left of the social contract because once they’ve got started down this path there’s no stopping.

So briefly, let’s talk about why the Regime would not win a war against Red America, despite the hopes and expectations of thousands of redditards across the country. First and foremost there is the unreliability (from the Regime’s perspective) of the current military. Simply put, most military personnel below the O-4 or O-5 levels are not ideologically indoctrinated into woke progressivism and are unlikely to be willing to wage war on their own countrymen. They’re especially not likely to go along with wokester fever dreams of bombing Red cities into oblivion and turning the heartland into ashes just to stick it to those Trumpsters. So there would be deep fractures, mutinies, fragging incidents galore.

Of course, that’s why the Regime is trying to wokify the military to be more ideologically compatible with the Left. In a sense, for the Left the drastic recruiting shortfall that the military is currently experiencing is a feature, not a bug, since it provides them with the justification to make up the difference by recruiting foreigners with no connexion to the American people (and thus no compunctions about shooting at them). Which then introduces a further competency factor in that when you recruit a third world army, you…have a third world army, so you’re sacrificing competency for reliability. Nevertheless, as it currently stands most enlistedmen and lower-level officers are not going to be inclined to incinerate their buddy’s parents for believing in the second amendment.

Let’s say that despite these obstacles, they still try to push forward with something that does, in fact, provoke a widespread armed rebellion. Okay, expect large swathes of the country to simply be no-go zones, so good luck being able to reliably move troops and supplies around where they’re needed. This is especially the case because heavier equipment that just AR-15s will almost assuredly be “leaking” into the hands of insurgents (whether from our own bases or from “interested foreign powers”). Drones will be useful to FedGov until people start figuring out where the families of the drone operators live and threatening them. Red State governours will in many cases refuse to call up their National Guards or may even side with the “rebels.” And then there’s the fact that a large chunk of USM’s equipment was either left in Afghanistan or has been shipped off to Ukraine, to the point where some units don’t even have sufficient mortar rounds or rifle ammunition to train with.

Another thing to consider is the simple vastness of the American landmass. For the same reasons that the continental United States would be almost impossible to effectively invade and garrison by a foreign army, so also would it be so for our own military in the type of situation we’re envisioning here. For twenty years, the US military struggled to keep its head above water in Afghanistan while fighting a few thousand goatherders with AK-47s. The continental USA has fifteen times the land area of Afghanistan, with mountains, forests, swamps, and so forth. And instead of thousands of opponents, it could very well be millions with almost immediate logistical and intelligence support.

So no, if the Left provokes the sort of civil war it seems to desire, it wouldn’t win. That’s not to say the process of their not winning it wouldn’t be ugly and destructive, of course.

But what we need to understand is that the really important thing here is not that Red America would likely win any civil war that may be in the offing. Rather, it should be trying to avoid having such a civil war to begin with. That is starting to seem like a difficult proposition, though, because the Regime is not acting like people who believe they have legitimacy for themselves and their actions. They know they stole it, they know they do not represent the actual American people, and they’re acting like it. There is an air of increasing desperation surrounding the whole lot.

A while back I wrote about the evolution of two separate ethnies arising in the United States. Boiled down to the essentials, these are Red America and Blue America. These two groups have evolved to exhibit very different cultures, morals, and (in a sense) even languages. But even though both of these may have arisen on American soil, only Red America is the lineal descendant of the old Heritage America, the America of the founders and the pioneers.

Both sides claim to be patriotic, but they have two very different ideas about what constitutes “patriotism.” Red America loves America as America, warts and all. Red America believes in our history, our traditions, our laws, and our Constitution. We oppose efforts at undermining these, especially through the devious and underhanded means that the progressive Left uses.

Blue America, on the other hand, does not. Blue America only loves the ideologically-driven ideal that they want to turn America into, while exhibiting an increasingly naked and open hatred for regular everyday Americans and our traditional institutions. Blue Americans essentially are conceptual and ideological foreigners who want to turn America into something else besides America. They are essentially aliens, with alien values and an alien’s hatred for the natives they’re trying to displace. This is why they ally themselves with the literal aliens from other countries who they are importing to replace Heritage America with.

As the political expression and representatives of Blue America, the Regime knows that it exists in power through the subversion of American institutions such as elections and the media. It remains in power through the subversion of our political language, taking terms like “democracy,” “freedom,” etc. and retrofitting them with new connotations that would never have occurred to previous generations of Americans. Is it any wonder that as its feelings of insecurity grow stronger, it believes it can only hold onto power by demonising real Americans and threatening them with the full force of the power it has available to it?

This is why they are so frenzied about finding something, anything, upon which to hang a fig leaf. The “insurrection” of January 6, the “nuclear secrets” that Trump was (not) hiding at Mar-a-lago, the ethereal “Republican terrorists” waiting around every corner to do…something bad to somebody or another. It’s all deflection to distract from the knowledge of their own illegitimate hold on power. Far from being representative of the American small-r republican tradition, the Left are genuine revolutionaries in the French and Bolshevik molds, seeking the overthrow of the traditional American order and its replacement with something very different and very detrimental to the actual American people. Every act of theirs – political and social – is toward the end of dissolving America and replacing it with globalAmerica. As they carry us to the precipice, we may well be carried over the edge in civil strife. We hope this won’t be the case but should be ready in case it is.

3 thoughts on “The Regime’s Crisis of Legitimacy

  1. I remember stochastic as meaning “of or related to counting” but now dictionaries say it means “random.” What an interesting Mandela Effect. So I took “stochastic terrorists” as “counting terrorists” as in they insist on the votes being properly counted. Honestly that has to be what Biden meant since he is talking about how he stole the election. So my pre-Mandela definition of the word is confirmed.


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