Muslims Rank Higher Than Gays in the SJW Hierarchy

I’m sure that nearly everyone has heard about the Orlando shooting in which Omar Mateen, a radicalised second-generation Muslim living in America, killed 53 and wounded over 50 more at a gay nightclub called The Pulse.  What the average reader may not have picked up on, however, is the social justice hierarchy slant which the news media have been giving to the story.  I’m not talking about the inevitable calls for more gun control or the initial (and incorrect) speculations that the shooter might be a “radical white Christian male.”  Rather, I’m talking about how studiously the media have been to avoid discussing Mateen’s Muslim religion or the responsibility of Islamic teaching to this incident, as it relates to the homosexual victims of his attack.

Specifically, while I would prefer it to have been under different circumstances, the coverage seems to confirm the argument I made a while back (found here on Traditional Right) that Muslims occupy the apex of the SJW “pyramid of power.”

Now we come to the apex of the social justice hierarchy – non-black Muslims. I specify ‘non-black’ because for whatever reason, black Muslims don’t generally get to benefit from the ‘Muslim’ portion of their identity, and get ranked according to the ‘black’ portion instead. This may be because the phenomenon of Muslim blacks is old enough that this subgroup is subsumed with the rest of the black community into the “they need us more than we need them” category. Or it may be that black Muslims, in the sense of Black Muslims (the cult) are threatening enough to urban white social justice warriors that the perceived hierarchy benefits to being Muslim are outweighed by the need for white liberals to keep them in their place, so to speak.

“Nevertheless, non-black Muslims, who are typically from the Middle East (unless they are from Somalia, in which case they will be blacks will a special exemption), find themselves currently at the top of the heap. They have the advantages of combining traits of being non-white (and hence, minorities in the SJW morality scheme), of adhering to a non-Western religion, and of being traditionally oppressed by colonialism and American imperialism. As such, they are the perfect storm of social justice themes. Muslims routinely win PCCs with even female feminists and gays.

“Don’t think so? Then why is it that feminists will cast pro-lifers, who oppose the brutal dismemberment of babies, as evil and wicked haters who just want to enslave women, yet these same feminists are curiously silent when it comes to women being forced to wear trash bags and girls being forced to receive painful clitoridectomies, all to satisfy Muslim male superstitions. Likewise, SJWs will fall all over themselves fawning on Muslims, even though gays can be stoned to death in Muslim countries, simply for being gay. Actual, literal slavery of millions of blacks by Muslims in Africa is still going on to this day, yet the SJW camp studiously avoids talking about it. Obviously, Muslims are winning these political correctness conflicts.”

At the time, there were some naysayers who disagreed with me that Muslims outrank gays on the SJW hierarchy of who gets to victimise whom.  They were assuming that gays were at the very top of the heap.  I argued differently, pointing out examples where Muslims will win a “political correctness conflict” with anyone else, even other high-end SJW groups like gays and feminists.  That’s why Muslims can get away with forcing female circumcision onto young girls in the Middle East, and can even kidnap, sexually abuse, and burn to death young women, and left-wingers in the West will not say a single word about it.

It’s also why a Muslim can shoot upwards of an hundred people in a gay bar in Orlando and the left-wing media tries to avoid all mention of the facts such as that he was a Muslim, that his father was a big-wig supporter of the Taliban back in Afghanistan, that he attended a mosque whose imam routinely called for the execution of homosexuals, that he personally hated gays because of his Islamic beliefs, etc.  It’s because Muslims outrank gays, and as horrific as shooting over an hundred people might be, the SJW power structure must still be maintained, which means gays are just going to have to take their lumps when being victimised by Muslims.

If the reverse had occurred – if a gay man had walked into a mosque and gunned down dozens of Muslims at Friday prayers – you can be guaranteed that a lot more noise would be made about it in the media.  There wouldn’t be the sidestepping  like there is with the story out of Orlando.  It wouldn’t have received the same kind of confirmational trumpeting as it would have had a white male Christian shot up a mosque, but it would have received a lot more furrowed brows than we have been seeing.

The fact that the reporting has downplayed both the Muslim angle (of the aggressor) and the gay angle (of the victims) shows that this shooting was simply an extreme example of a political correctness conflict between Muslims and gays – one which the Muslims have already won.

Gays might want to keep this in mind for future reference, especially given the way the left-leaning and open borders governments of the West have been accelerating their importation of 7th century savages from the Muslim world.  Being gay might help you force a Christian baker to bake a cake, but it won’t save your neck when a Muslim comes gunning for you.


4 thoughts on “Muslims Rank Higher Than Gays in the SJW Hierarchy

  1. Its because leftists fear moslems that they cower hoping to be eaten last. Most gays would rather be victims than fight. It doesn’t help that Soros paid jewish lesbian gatekeepers keep putting out the narrative. With luck TRUMP will audit Soros.

    An Afghani moslem goes into a gay bar
    The bartender asks “what would you like”
    The moslem says “shots for everyone”


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