Trump’s Unique Opportunity to Gain the 4GW Moral High Ground believe that I can say fairly that any person in their right mind is absolutely appalled at what we’ve been seeing in California from the SJWs and other “progressives” such as La Raza and Black Lives Matter.  Sensing their impending doom as the Trumpening of America proceeds apace, the scum of American society have been lashing out at Trump’s supporters, trying to intimidate and assault them as they attend Trump’s rallies across the state.  Among the many outrages we’ve seen so far have been:

  • Illegal aliens assaulting a 15-year-old girl
  • Illegal aliens assaulting women with eggs and bricks
  • BLM thugs physically assaulting Trump supporters
  • “Protesters” attacking a man in a wheelchair
  • “Protesters” firing pellet guns at Trump supporters
  • “Protesters” destroying in police vehicles

I have to admit, when I hear about these things, it’s very easy to want to go put a brick through some of these people’s faces.  Let’s have it straight – BLMers, illegal aliens, SJWs – they all deserve a good solid stroke of Louisville white ash up the side of their heads, there’s no doubt about it.

However, that’s the easy, visceral, and counterproductive response to all of this.  When we see these cowardly bags of human trash “protesting” Trump rallies and committing acts of violence, we should not look upon it merely as outrageous, but as an opportunity.

An opportunity to score a major political fourth generational warfare victory in taking and holding the moral high ground against the SJW enemy.

Fourth generational warfare (4GW) is a framework approach to understanding the latest evolution in warfare that has been most heavily explored and expounded by William Lind.  Essentially, it deals with warfare prosecuted by “Violent Non-State Actors” (VNSA) against overwhelmingly more powerful state actors and militaries.  Often (but not always) coincidental with resistance to established Westphalian-state governments by insurgencies and terrorist organisations, 4GW emphasises a set of strategies which allow the VNSA to be effective against a foe that has a distinct advantage in terms of firepower.  4GW includes strategies for decentralisation of resistance so that there is no one single “head” that the state actor can strike, methods of undermining civilian support for the state actor’s regime, techniques for demoralising the state’s military personnel and civilian population, and (most pertinent to this post) methods for gaining the moral high ground over the state actor enemies so that this enemy can be cast as the “bad guys,” thus undermining their legitimacy in the eyes of their civilian population and allies.  There is a three-tiered distinction in the aspects of conflict made in 4GW theory:

  • The lowest is the physical (winning battles with firepower, equipment, and logistics), which is what most people usually think of when they consider what it means to “fight a war.”
  • The second lowest is the mental – propaganda, “psyching out” the enemy, finding ways to direct his thinking so he does what you want him to do, “preparing your battlefield,” so to speak.
  • The highest is the moral – gaining the moral high ground so that the enemy becomes limited in what he can do against you without losing legitimacy and support on his home front, while simultaneously freeing yourself up to have greater latitude in your own actions.

Now keep in mind, I’m not talking about nor advocating that we on the broad alt-Right take up guns and start fighting an actual insurgency.  Instead, I’m arguing that we should understand that these principles can be applied to non-shooting wars.

Think of it this way – the SJWs, the “progressives,” the cultural marxists, the radical Left – they are pretty much firmly in control of the opinion and policy-making institutions in most Western societies.  They control the media, the schools, the large corporations, and now even the police and the governments.  Their Gramscian march through the institutions has largely been successful.  So they can be thought of, in political terms, as the “state.”  They control the levers of power.  They are the “state actor” in the 4GW scenario I am proposing.  We, on the other hand, are the NSAs – the non-state actors (I’ll refrain from saying “violent” for the time being).  We are the ones who face an asymmetrically more powerful and influential enemy, who is nevertheless one who can be defeated with the proper application of 4GW principles to the current cultural and political situation.

The Left is taking a significant moral hit because of the actions of the “protesters” at Trump’s recent rallies in New Mexico and California.  Despite the best efforts of the mainstream media and the cuckservative press to place blame for the rally violence on Trump himself, the majority of Americans – or at least the Americans who actually matter – don’t agree.  In fact, they haven’t all along.  If one tracks the trajectory which Ted Cruz’s presidential aspirations followed, one can see a clear and obvious downward-turning inflection point right after he chose to parrot Glenn Beck and the MSM and blame the violence at Trump’s rally in Chicago a few months ago on Trump, rather than on the BLM thugs and hooligans who were actually committing it.  It was precisely at that point that Cruz started to bleed support and which led to his eventually implosion in the Republican Party’s primary race.

Average, everyday Americans (the “normies”) don’t like political violence, don’t like efforts to manipulate the political process through threats and intimidation, and they are rejecting it.  The situation has become embarrassing enough for the Left that many SJW writers, including Charles Pierce at Esquire (which is no longer a “men’s” magazine, by the way), are starting to go into panic mode about how bad it is making their side look and how much it is deflecting from what they think is Hillary Clinton’s “brilliant” pushback against Trump.  People are starting to wake up to the fact that rampaging illegal aliens and BLMers are essentially the paramilitary street enforcers being used by the Left acting in its role as the state actor, similarly to those used in many third world countries to enforce a corrupt and autocratic government’s will without directly using its own personnel.

So let’s use this.  Every time an illegal alien steals someone’s Trump hat to burn it, waves a Mexican flag and declares their intent to reconquista the Southwest, beats up a young woman, or throws a brick through a police prowler’s window, it’s just another wall in the fortification of our moral high ground.

Turn the Left’s own memes against them.  Illegal aliens beating up and otherwise assaulting women?  That’s the Left’s “War on Women.”  Show all of the the sheltered white suburban soccer moms across the country who it is that threatens their children (the illegals and other SJWs) and who it is that will protect them (Trump).  BLMers and illegal aliens attacking peaceful white rallygoers?  Who are the racists now?  While the Left genuinely believes that “racism” can only be done by whites, but not against them, keep in mind that there are millions of normies out there across the country who don’t buy into that.

Use social media.  Many on the Right tend to mock the use of social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and so forth.  They shouldn’t.  When properly used, social media can be a powerful tool for reaching large numbers of people at the demotic level, and causing our own memes and arguments to spread in an uncontrollable fashion.  Despite what we’ve heard about Facebook agreeing to police its service for undesirable non-politically correct postings, there is simply no way that they could successfully do it to a great degree without destroying their own existence.  Even if a user gets banned for a “racist” post, it can already have been shared and spread and passed around through the network.  While Facebook may snuff out a few posters here and there, they won’t be able to effective stop the hundreds of thousands or millions who are independently spreading information in an uncoordinated fashion.  Besides, if you have a few “extra” user profiles prepared and ready to go ahead of time, you can be back at it in a matter of seconds.

To put it simply – grab this bull and ride it for all you’re worth.

Don’t scream racial slurs.  Don’t go out looking for trouble, throwing a few bricks of your own.  Don’t get yourself arrested and end up as a (widely reported) counter-example that the media can use to show that “the right wing are the violent ones,” which will end up “validating” their own narrative.  Instead, use the power of information to prepare the field of battle to our liking, and use it to gain the moral high ground.  The more the normies know about what’s really going on (since the MSM certainly isn’t going to tell them), the more legitimacy and “civilian support” the SJW state actors lose.


One thought on “Trump’s Unique Opportunity to Gain the 4GW Moral High Ground

  1. That approach is all fine unless your that white person or persons wife or kid getting the hell beat out of you.Could you address that part of your 4GW theory.


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