A Mission Statement


Welcome to the Neo-Ciceronian Times.

My intention with this blog is that it will serve as an educational and informational tool for those who are in, or who are learning about, or who are interested in learning about, the movement that could generally be called the “broad alternative Right.”  This movement is quite different in many respects from modern “conservatism” (which often is not), which tends to accept many of the underlying premises of its ideological enemies on the Left, and hence, has rendered itself ineffective and even counterproductive.

There are many disparate elements who fall under the rubric of the “broad alternative Right” – you have Traditionalists (big-T), anti-feminists, neoreactionaries, proponents of human biodiversity, paleo-conservatives, and many others.  The common theme that unites them all is a rejection of modernity and the many false and wrongheaded assumptions upon which it is based.

As such, this blog will be one dedicated to worldview.  It will speak of underlying culture and society.  It will tend to eschew shallow discussions about “the issues” and popular “politics and elections,” except where these intersect with deeper matters of interest, and certainly will not approach them using the “ten second soundbite” approach so common to our mass media today.  I’ve tossed about the idea of starting up a blog again for a few years now, but didn’t because I didn’t feel confident in having the time to keep up with it.  However, I believe that the underlying reason for that excuse was because I was approaching it from the wrong direction.  If I intended to write a blog which has to constantly natter about each and every “news of the day” story that hits the airwaves, certainly I wouldn’t be able to keep up.  Most people who aren’t “professional” bloggers can’t anymore.

But if I wanted to talk about deeper, more permanent matters, and especially those that I actually and really wanted to talk about instead of being driven by the daily news cycle, then it made sense to use a blog to do so.  I can keep up with that AND have the motivation to do so.  I do not know if my readership will ever be large, or will even exist at all, and I doubt that I’ll ever accrue to myself fame or fortune through it, but it’ll be here to hopefully be a resource for education and instruction, and maybe will even help some folks out there to “take the red pill” as the saying goes.

The themes for this blog will be many, yet generally contiguous.  Here at the Times, you will find discussions of and support for Christianity, Western civilisation, Anglospherism, anti-feminism, anti-political correctness, classicism, the recovery of masculinity, neoreaction, human biodiversity, the study of history in general, and other allied topics that I will spare you from listing at this time.

So allow me to extend a hearty welcome to those who find their way here!


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